Friday, October 24, 2014

Black and White Master Bedroom

I've been adding a little black to our almost all white and tan interiors.
I read somewhere that every room should have a little black. 

I added some black transferware in the kitchen. 

I brought some into the dining room and the living room as well.

I was obsessed with the Ebola news coverage last week. 
In between the latest developments, I pinned black and white interiors.
You can see my board here.
At some point, I'd had enough bad news so I went to Walmart just to see if they had some black that I could add to the master bedroom.

They had an adorable little comforter for $21.98.

It's a Full/Queen and will only sit at the end of the bed. 
We can pull it up on chilly nights but we really haven't had too many of those so far this fall.


They had a little black pillow and some black pillow cases to put over my existing white lace cases. The pillow cases were $5.98 and the pillow was $9.98. A new look for less than $40.00? I'll take it.

I was thrilled that even though I knew the dog slept on my bed this past weekend, there was no dog hair sticking to the pillow cases.
Remember this black comforter from last year?

Ridiculous amounts of dog hair stuck to that thing so I washed it and gave it away.

The bed was pretty well dressed except for an accent pillow.
Kohls and eBay had an adorable black and white pillow by 
Ralph Lauren but it was $55.00. 
Ummm, No.
Hobby Lobby would have fabric for much less than that.

So I stitched up some pillows.

 I think this grounds the room a little for the cooler months. 

I love it.


  1. Katie, it looks beautiful! I love black and white combinations. You pulled this together girl! Love it!

  2. Black and white is wonderful! I can't believe you found that great comforter and WalMart. We always leave the comforter there just for looks basically so it doesn't matter if it's small. You know? It all looks great, Katie. Maybe one of these days we won't have to continue running the AC.

  3. Love the black accents. Great look!

  4. Very pretty.... the black and white looks lovely! your dresser in your bedroom!

  5. You have the prettiest home! I'm a huge fan of black and white too. It's so classic and goes with any style. Your comforter and pillows you made for your bedroom are very pretty. You're lucky to be able to sew like that. I wouldn't have paid $55 for that pillow either.

  6. I love your new look too. I need to learn to let go of things that don't work for me like that black comforter didn't work for your situation. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Great! It looks warm and cozy for hopefully colder nights to come.

  8. I'm loving the black & white accents in your bedroom, Katie! (and your kitchen, too) I just bought 2 twin comforters at Walmart for $8 on clearance to use when the grandkids are here. Can't have too many blankets in MN!

  9. So happy I stopped in...everything looks beautiful!!
    My Mom taught me to always have something black in a room ~ classic!

  10. I love black in a room - I used to have black gloss work in my bedroom. It looked amazing - but really showed the dust! I like the additions of black soft furnishings instead to give black highlights