Monday, October 20, 2014

Diminutive Door

I told you about a trip that Bill and I took to Arkansas this past summer.

We went to Mena, Arkansas.
The architectural salvage store was a pleasant surprise. 

I promised to show you my finds but I'm not sure I did.
One of them was an old door. 

It must have been on a little pump house or shed because it is smaller than a regular door.
It was a little more than I wanted to pay and the glass was broken, so I almost didn't get it. 
Then I realized how silly that would be.
I would have kicked myself all the way back to Texas. 
It still has remnants of original paint and the size is perfect for wall decor. We had some plywood that worked for the opening. Two quick cuts and a coat of chalkboard paint and it was ready to hang. It's taken two months to figure out where to hang it. 
My three dollar shelf display had to go to make a wall for the door.

I've been trying to figure out a message for the chalkboard. 
I thought of the following:
"Door to nowhere."
"Welcome to Narnia"
"I don't know what to say on this chalkboard."
In the end I decided on a picture of a bird similar to one I saw on Pinterest.

One of the shelves fit on the door.
I filled it with some of my favorite items from the old shelves.

A milk glass plate, 

a bank I've had since I was a child

and a picture of me in a playpen at the beach.

We had the shelf display in three houses throughout most of our marriage. I'm not sure we can cope with this new look.

There's some other stuff to show you in this room. 
I'd needed a distraction from all the bad news last week.
Decorating is a great escape.

I'll show the rest of the room in another post.

Hurry to Walmart. The Full/Queen comforter at the end of the bed was only $21.00.
It's perfect for these transitional fall nights.
See you soon,


  1. I can never pass p an old door especially one of an unusual size. I love how you have displayed it with the shelf vignette. You have to write a quote about Narnia at least once - it is perfect for the door to somewhere. If you have the time I invite you over to share this on Make It Monday.

  2. Oh I just love your new "old" door! I see a lot of people using them in their decor but I don't have one. Not sure where I would put one. Yours looks great with the shelf and the chalkboard paint. It's truly one of a kind now!

  3. I know this is where I'm supposed to pipe in with some witty suggestion for what to write on your door, but I'd be just as lost. I do love your pretty bird though, it's the perfect addition to such a great piece. Thanks so much for linking up at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  4. The little door is a-door-able. I would have had to bring it home with me also. I hope for you that this week is better than last week.

  5. That's a beautiful door! I love that you added the shelf, creating like a little mantel to decorate.

  6. I'm all about architecturals so I love this door...great idea to add the chalkboard. Your bedroom looks so warm and comfy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who decorates as an outlet or coping mechanism.
    Mary Alice

  7. I love old doors used in decorating! That's funny about the Narnia saying. When I painted our pantry door black with a green crystal knob, my son told me it looks like it leads to Narnia. Ha! Love the pic of you at the beach too!

  8. I have a similar door with a shelf on it - never thought to make it a chalkboard - LOVE this idea Katie - it looks perfect !

  9. It is so cosy and inviting! Love it! Especially those black stripes on the pillow case! Stunning! French country always was my favorite theme... no wonder I have the whole collection inspired by French countryside. See my of my work at ... maybe you will like something special for your next room:) Love your childhood piggybank ... sweet memories! xx, Lana