Thursday, January 15, 2015

PAONG Chair and Ottoman.

My husband's posterior is very picky about furniture. 
He had come to the conclusion that the old black recliner in the garden room was no longer comfortable. 
The chair had seen better days so I was okay with that but I didn't relish sitting in every recliner south of the Mason/Dixon in order to find him a replacement. 

The old chair didn't really go in the room since I'd painted everything white including the walls and furniture. 
Paint is the best way to bring cohesiveness to a hodge podge of furniture and we have a hodge podge in here.

I just preferred to ignore the chair and pretend it wasn't there. 
He surprised me by announcing the other day that we were getting a PAONG Chair and Ottoman from IKEA.
He had already sat in it and deemed it comfortable. 
Okay, problem solved.

He loves the Danish modern look. He also loves his lodge look but part of him wishes things around here were very sleek and modern.

We decided that the white cover on a birch frame would go best with the rest of the decor.
I came to the sad conclusion that the little sewing table wouldn't work in the room anymore. 

So I moved a little commode downstairs and started to paint it. 

It is so cute with the black marble top.

Here is a before picture:

It looks better than I'd hoped with the chair.

The throw is the URSULA from IKEA. 
The pillow is the EMMIE KVIST also from IKEA. 
I'm not sure why all their items are in capital letters. 

I made the valances after I painted the room a few weeks ago. 
I keep thinking I might want cafe curtains below but nothing should obstruct our wonderful view into the woods. 
Nor should it block the view of the demon squirrel as he steals the bird seed.

It makes a cute little Nordic looking corner. 

To coordinate with the Nordic vibe I pulled out my Denmark china by Franciscan and loaded it in the old hutch. 

These weren't the only changes because when Bill buys new chair...

I'll explain that in another post.


  1. Don't we wish all men would voluntarily give up the old recliners? Lucky you. And it was wonderful you made a new choice so quick, I'm envious.

  2. Men and their recliners! The new chair and painted commode brighten up the corner, and I like the addition of the china!

  3. I was going to tell you how pretty your room is and how well the new chair fits in until I saw your blue and white china - it is really beautiful so now I can't think about anything else!

  4. This room is gorgeous, Katie! The new chair fits so well, and your quick thinking about painting the little table was perfection, love it! I want to see more of the hutch with that beautiful china!

  5. Love the new chair it looks awesome in the room. Also love the relove with paint on the commode and your blue Danish China is gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty.

  6. Katie, the new chair looks very comfortable and it does make a great Nordic corner in your room. I really love the new cabinet that you painted. It just adds so much to the corner. and with the addition of your beautiful blue and white china, it all looks just gorgeous. I wouldn't put curtains up to block that beautiful view either..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Tell Bill that sleek and modern is no fun! His chair does look quite comfy and I love the change out of the table. It's beautiful. I'm with you...can't miss seeing that pesky squirrel :)

  8. That's a great looking chair! Glad that you didn't have to drive all over to find one he liked. I like how that one fits the d├ęcor of your room so well too.

  9. My husband has an old leather recliner that I pretend isn't in the room! I like your husband's new chair and might show it to my husband.

    Those dishes are beautiful!

  10. Your whole room looks so bright and fresh, Katie. You do have a magnificent view to enjoy. Love your blue and white china too.
    Mary Alice

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! All caps because I am saying it with zest! LOVE your room! It is so peaceful there. I think I would spend a lot of time out there drinking a hot beverage.


  12. Katie, It really does have a Nordic look and I love it! The Denmark dishes are gorgeous and The cabinet turned out just perfectly! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Hi Katie, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  14. I love the Swedish simplicity of the room and the gorgeous windows with the view.

  15. Hi there I'm a new follower and I love your style. I followed you here from Jann's blog and I am so glad that I did! Jo