Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sentimental Desk

I thought I'd done it this time and finally pushed Bill over the edge with my urge to paint furniture. 

Once he saw the transformation of the kitchen cabinets, he really didn't have much to say when white pieces of furniture started "appearing."

If fact when I moved the old pie safe to the garden room a few weeks ago, he asked me if I painted it that day. 
No, I painted that over a year ago.
I decided if he really didn't notice anymore than I was safe to paint a piece I'd been thinking about painting for a long time. 
When we first got married we attended an auction and purchased an old oak drop front desk. We were so proud of it.

It was cute and we got it for a fairly good deal. 
This piece has been everywhere in our various homes.

This was fabulous when we didn't have room for a big desk or when we needed to a place to stash bills, shot records and the address book.
It just does not function as a modern surface for a computer.
I asked Rebekah if she wanted it. 
She did not.
The boys? No.
This thing has also been used as a bedside table and as an accent piece in a hall but it hasn't been used as a desk in a while. 
It was in the kitchen when I pulled out the cheap builder desk back in '08.

It got moved up to the guest room and

then into Rebekah's room. 
That room already had a drop front desk so her room really isn't a good spot for it.

I couldn't give it away. 
I didn't really like the finish anymore and it was a little beat up after 30 years of shuffling and moving. 

I sat in that spot to talk on the phone until we got rid of our landline about 5 years ago.  
The pie safe is in its new/old home in the garden room and this desk is back in the kitchen. 
I thought I would love it but I didn't.

I painted it while Bill was at work. 
In typical fashion he knew right away I'd been painting. 
In atypical fashion he realized right away what I had done.
(It didn't help that his chair faces the desk during dinner.)
How had he not noticed the pie safe?

"You painted the desk?" 
Maybe this one wasn't going to go over so well. 

Guilt, guilt, guilt. 

Today as I was writing this post, I asked him if he was over me painting the desk. 
"What desk?"
He is completely over it and he said, 
"In reality it isn't a very good piece of furniture." 
Then he asked me if I was over the guilt?
"Yes sir!"

 I wanted to love it again and I do.  
I took the back off and papered it with left over beadboard wallpaper. 

I love how painted furniture takes up less visual space and recedes into the room. 
It looked a bit chuncky before.

I used Zinsser primer and Sherwin Williams oil based White Duck paint in a semi gloss finish. 
It took about 3 or 4 days to dry completely since it was humid and overcast. 

Thanks for coming by and reading the long and drawn out justification for painting the desk. 
I'm so glad I am not in trouble for this one. 
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  1. It truly is a fantastic improvement. A good call to paint it.
    Have a beautiful day dear one!

  2. Wow Katie, I love it!! I know what you mean about painting some of those old sentimental pieces. I had an old oak hoosier and painted it white. It wasn't from a family member, but I had it for years and it's sometimes hard to paint over nice wood. When we finished our basement I just didn't like how it looked with the laminate flooring. Love it white!

  3. Love it painted Katie. Good that you went with your gut and painted it. Love the color.

  4. oh, I love it white, just perfect! are we married to the same man?

  5. What a great piece with good bones. It is a beauty and I LOVE it painted! My favorite is painted furniture.

  6. Well I love painted furniture so you don't have to justify it to me! I've painted almost all of our wood furniture except my table in the kitchen. I actually like it just as it is. Love the new look and how you styled your desk.

  7. Perfect paint job and perfect place! Well done Katie :)

  8. Katie, I really love the new look. It is perfection in it's space now. I think I have the same one, MAN that is..Happy Monday..Judy

  9. OMG...I wouldn't have ever been able to part with it! I'm so glad you didn't! I loved its old/historical charm and I love its new life! And I'm so glad your marriage is over that hurdle!! LOL Cute story! ~Zun

  10. If you can't part with it, but don't like it the way it is, I agree -- paint it! It looks great now, and like it is made for that spot. I'd like to paint half the stuff in my house, lol!

  11. I love the looks of your desk with its new white finish, Katie! It fits in with your Nordic style you've got going. I had a similar piece that I finally sold last year because I just didn't have a spot for it. I kept the top half of mine which is a nice arched top cabinet and I hope to hang it somewhere in our house. I won't feel any guilt if I decide to paint it. I'm glad you're not in hot water for painting it white!

  12. Such a pretty looks beautiful painted white!

  13. Wood lovers don't understand, but I am inspired by your painting the desk white. I have an old piece I'm afraid to paint, but it needs it so badly. I just might get the courage.

  14. I love it. It is wonderful when you can paint something a new color and learn to love it again.

    Blessings to you from Tennessee.