Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hi friends.
I missed posting anything at Easter because life has been a little crazy. 
I'm not sure that it is going to simmer down anytime soon.

I did manage to do a little decorating for spring.
I didn't come up with this idea but have seen it around on Pinterest and on other blogs.
I replaced my old Target rainboots with a pair of Hunter rainboots from Nordstrom Rack. 
They were a complete steal!

The old rainboots, a gift from my daughter, were ripe for a makeover.
I spray painted them with green paint suitable for plastic.

 Someone at the school was throwing away an old parasol.
I snagged it late last summer and a vignette was born. 
The flowers are from Hobby Lobby.

They are a little different from your typical silk flowers. The petals are fabric but the leaves are almost like foam in texture.

 The green school chair was another cast off from work. 
 There are two of them and they are painted Alaska Tundra Green chalkpaint by CeCe Caldwell.

When I got home from my trip on Wednesday, Bill had sprinkled jars filled with mums around the house.

Nothing speaks to a girl like flowers and Mason jars.
It was good to be home. 
The first thing I saw when I walked through the front door was my little gnome garden on the dining room table.

The bench and flower pot came from Michaels. 
The rest came from Hobby Lobby. 

Another gnome is hiding behind the little flower pot. 

Little vines make the clay pot look like it's a basket.

I love that this gnome is out of proportion to the rest of the vignette. 
Isn't that how it should be in gnome world?

The laundry room got a wee one and a toadstool. 

My youngest made this elf in grade school art class.

I used a Michaels gift card to get the bench for Mr. and Mrs. Gnome and a new pillow for the couch. 

I love the firefly and the hydrangea.

The metal vase got some dried hydrangeas. 

That's about it!
What have you been up to?

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  1. Everything looks great, Katie. Your gnomes are so cute. We have friends who come to visit us and always leave a gnome somewhere in our house. Isn't that silly and fun? :)

  2. Love the colors you have going on in your Spring decor! The gnomes are so adorable too!


  3. Everything looks nice and tidy! The gnomes are so cute!

  4. Katie,
    What an amazing transformation on your boots, dear one!!!
    I adore the vignette with the boots, chair and umbrella!!!
    Perfect for "April Showers"!!!
    Your pillow featuring the firefly and the hydrangea is a stunning find!!!
    What have I been up to???
    Indoor projects are completed until Autumn. . .
    so~o~o, for now, "Mr. Ed" & I have moved to the out~of~doors!!!
    Thanks for asking!!!

  5. Using the rain boots as decor for Spring is such a cute idea. I never would've thought to paint them! Your little fairy garden is sweet. It's fun to look at all the little items in it.

  6. What pretty spring vignettes you have created. Very cute idea with your gnome garden. I have a little school chair like yours that belonged to my grandmother. I thought about painting it one day, but not sure since my grandmother had re-stained it and I do actually like the old worn out look of it. She always loved to take an old piece of furniture that was given to her and then sand it down (by hand) and stain it...Oh how she would love all the new looks with painted furniture these days! Thanks for bringing a cherished memory to me!

  7. Lovely spring vignettes you have. Love your new green boots you created and how this vignette turned out, so lovely!

  8. Hi Katie :)

    I found your blog through Amy at Ms Toody Goo Shoes. You have a lovely home.

    I love that little gnome garden you made and the setting with the boots and the parasol are darling :)


  9. I love that chair color Katie! I need to get some of that paint. Love how the boots and the umbrella turned out. I recently painted my boots and polka dotted them. I've had fun with them. Last weekend I found another pair at a yard sale that is similar to the color of yours. They will go outside. Love your gnome garden and pillow. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Hi Katie, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  11. LOVE it all!! I've been wanting to do the same with my rain boots, but wasn't sure if the paint would hold. Must give it a try. Love your parasol makeover too.
    Stopping by via SYC 's feature.