Sunday, April 26, 2015

Aqua Is Lovely!

I'm so in love with the new kitchen color.
It reminds me of the color of an antique Ball jar. 

It is just so pretty. 

Initially the family said it was too bright. They just weren't used to color on the walls. It's not too bright. It's toned down from the blue that was in here before. 

It isn't a neutral but it feels like one.

The aqua of a Ball jar is really one of my favorite colors.
I've collected some pretty stuff over the years and spring is the perfect time to show it off.

I told you about our antique prayer book. 
The color on this is amazing. 

I picked up this antique toy sewing machine at one of our local antique stores.

My mom made the little cross stitch for me when I was a child. 
She made a matching one for my cousin, who is a year and a half younger than I am. 

My little Art Deco clock came from the same antique shop as the sewing machine. 
It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. The finish is perfectly patinated. 

 We used to have the best antique stores around here but many of them didn't survive the recession.

I wanted an aqua ice cream bucket and couldn't find one so I fiddled around with some paint we had in the garage.

Then I found this one at one of our remaining antique shops. 
Love it! 

This color is such a fun one for spring and we are loving it in the kitchen. I'm patiently waiting for the granite to be picked up by the fabricator. I can't wait to see it all put together. I'll let you know when the granite guy comes to make the template. 
I'm headed to pick out a new faucet tomorrow. 
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  1. It is an amazing shade, and I agree; it's one of my favorites as well. It never tires just like certain shades of green.

  2. what sweet sewing machines. I love to sew and collect sewing machines but mine are rather large and not all on display. Enjoying your blog.

  3. Yes I love that color too! I've been trying to add it in little by little and it started with a blue Ball jar for me too. :) Your kitchen is so pretty and fresh. :)

  4. The kitchen color is so pretty. Looks so fresh and bright.

  5. You do have really pretty things, Katie. I love aqua and pink together like your flowers in the ice cream bucket - so pretty! And your new kitchen color is wonderful!

  6. Everything looks so pretty! Love the new color in your kitchen!

  7. Aqua is my new favorite color! It looks so pretty in your kitchen! I have 3 different shades of aqua paint chips hanging in the linen closet hallway waiting for me to decide which one. I have been picking up that mason jar aqua color in old bottles for my bathroom. Love it all!

  8. Katie, I love aqua as well! Your paint looks gorgeous and I love the sweet stitching made by your mother. I painted an ice cream bucket aqua a couple years ago. Would love to run across a vintage one. Yours is fabulous! Aqua is gorgeous for Spring, but it is also fun to pair it with red. Thanks for sharing with SYC.