Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stress Machine

My dear daughter calls me a stress machine. 
Not very flattering considering I'm supposed to model a "peace that passes all understanding." 
A few weeks ago I had a check up with my cardiologist.
He is on my rotation because of my deplorable family history of heart disease. 
My grandmother dropped dead at 58. 
My father dropped dead at 52.
My baby brother had a massive stroke at 48.
 I periodically get checked out just to make sure my ticker isn't a ticking time bomb. 

All is well but this time he was concerned about my triglycerides and my fasting blood sugar. 
Is stress a contributor? 
I really don't know but my guess is yes. 

It's lower carbs and low sugar for me.
We had to do this for Bill 4 years ago, so I know what to do and did it most of the time but I was a cheater.  
Gummy worms and jelly beans were hidden in my snack cabinet. 
Yes, they were.
So, I've always wanted to share what we did for Bill. 
Now I'll share what I'm doing for us. 
We will see how it goes. I don't have to have any more blood drawn for 6 months.
I'll periodically share how we are eating.
I'm telling you this as a level of accountability. 
I don't mean to have you up into my business but I'll do better knowing others are aware of what is going on with me. 


  1. I'm a type 2 diabetic with good numbers at this point, but stress sends them soaring. I fight hard to stay stress free :-)

  2. Stress seems to effect just about everything ya know? My triglycerides go down with stress. I'm with Vicki...fighting hard to stay stress free. Glad you already know what to do. Maybe it won't be hard :)