Thursday, October 29, 2015

Repairing Water Rings On Furniture

When I get sleepy, I make careless mistakes.

You would think that I'd learn but I repeat one mistake over and over again.
I set glasses full of water on the furniture before I go to bed.

In the morning the finish is ruined. I haven't had much luck just repairing the water ring. Usually, I have to refinish the rest of the top as well.

Fixing the stain isn't all that difficult and it doesn't require dragging the piece down to the garage.

My neighbor across the street gave me a bottle of stripper that is a little more ecologically friendly. 
The smell isn't as overwhelming as the strippers in years past. 
I wondered though if it would be as effective. 
It is. 
 Brush the stripper onto the wood. 
Go make an English Muffin. 
Once you are finished with your breakfast take a scraper and scrape off the stripper and stain.

Put the gunk in a can.
Repeat as needed.

Once all the gunk has been removed, allow the piece to dry.
Then allow it to dry, again. 
Make sure it is dry. 
Sand until smooth.

 I took a damp rag over the top of the surface to clean some excess grit off. 
Let dry.
My favorite stain is Jacobean by Minwax.

It is dark enough to go with the rest of our finishes.
 Once the stain is dry, finish with Hemlsman Spar Urethane. 
It is a fairly quick drying topcoat. 
I'll be back with some reveal pictures now that both of my table tops are repaired.

I've removed the dark brown bedding and have been tweaking my seasonal decor in here.
Yesterday, I did some furniture rearranging downstairs.
I'll have some pictures next week. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this great way of repairing water marks! That is one beautiful piece!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Your table top looks great! I have heard some people use toothpaste on top of a water ring. I bet you could look up how to remove one on the internet and find lots of different ways to do it. But, sometimes a complete refinish is necessary. I usually place a washcloth under my drink since coasters don't always soak up the water from a drink.

  3. Great tips on repairing water marks. Love that piece Katie. Love the lighter spread on your bed too. Very pretty.