Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm So Done (With Orange)!

It was only a few days until Halloween but I was so done with the orange!

I love October, I do!
It finally starts to cool off here in Texas. 
I love the idea of pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere but the orange drives me nuts. 

I picked up some flowers for my sister in law at the grocery store. 
I forgot to take them to her and they live too far away to run them by.
 They inspired a deeper tone for these last few days of October.

The deeper reds mimic the deep tones in a vintage oil painting. 
It was only $5.00 at the thrift store a few years ago.
I actually hid it from myself. It took me about a week to find it in my tote of Valentine's Day stuff. 
I know exactly how my brain was organizing that day. 
Flowers = Valentine's Day

It didn't matter that these look like Chrysanthemums to me and that the painting should have been with the fall stuff or maybe with the paintings. 
 The lamp came from Target. 
My husband loves it in the entry way. 
I like it here with the white painted cupboard.

I'm may head out this weekend to see if I can find another lamp for the dresser in the entry.
He asked why I moved it.

I told him that the other lamp looked better with the Halloween vignette. 
He was tormented by it and wondered if other husbands had to live with continually moving objects in the home. 
I know that other blogger husbands do. 

The acorn came from Pier 1 years ago. 
It got a silver leaf treatment.

I love, love the light green and pinkish purple of the flowers on the coffee table. 
They might have to come back for a Thanksgiving 
table setting.
How do you feel about orange by the end of October?



  1. I love your acorn lamp and the little oil painting. Lamps on the move here at our house too. ;)

  2. I think your flowers and darling oil painting look like warm autumn colors even without any orange. I happen to love orange, so I'll keep my pumpkins around through Thanksgiving. I just LOVE your dresser and portrait in your entryway! Happy Halloween, Katie!

  3. Katie, the red looks wonderful this time of year. I've been noticing more red on rooms in TV shows and in magazines. I think it's in our near future despite what they're predicting.

  4. Orange is not my friend either! Nice to see alternatives. Thanks for posting some inspiration.

  5. Tell your hubby that YES...even non-blogger husbands have to tolerate moving things!!! At a young 82 years, my hubby moans and gripes even if I just move the pillows :^) When I retaliate, he says he gets to complain because "that's his job"...... Ya' gotta' love 'em to put up with them. 'Course then, they gotta' love us back :^)
    We have the same Target lamp, in the small size, and moves around! :^)
    I'm in love with your beautiful little oil...and as far as I am concerned, red is the only color there is !!

  6. I laughed out loud about you being asked why you moved the lamp. LOL I think we all know exactly that. My husband once told a room full of people complimenting me on my decor that he can NEVER go blind because I change things every day and he'd break his neck. LOL. I think that's hilarious and sick at same time.

    Your flowers are lovely and yes, orange is now pretty much disappearing here too for now. : - )