Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Christmas Gift To Bill

We love our little garden room. 

Bill and I use almost all year long. 
It gets a bit nippy in the winter and hot in the summer.

He wanted a new heater.  
I wanted something that looked cute. 

He brought one home but returned it because it was orange faux oak. 
I've spent the last three years painting over orange oak. 
It went back to Home Depot. 

Bill and I have a hard time buying presents for each other. 
I think we are picky people. 
I know we are picky people.
I decided to try to find him a cute heater for Christmas.

I found this one at Home Depot. 
It's not too big for the space and it adds some atmosphere.

Faux fireplaces have come along way since I was a kid. 
It's still a little cheesy but we love it. 

I had a super sweet lunch with Laura from Decor to Adore. 

  She made this darling Valentine's Day favor. 
She is so creative and it was fun getting to know her better!
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A bit discouraging considering how long it took to build a following.
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I hope you all are having a great week. 


  1. We have a heater likes your. We love it. I have thought of having it under the table we have the TV on. Like it being enclosed under it.
    So sorry about loosing bloggers. I have found some blogs thay I cant comment on. I wonder if that's the reason. Stay cozy.

  2. Hi Katie, I think that the fireplace looks perfect! I bet it makes the room so warm and cozy. I lost 24 followers today. Had no idea why. lol! Just thought people stopped liking me. lol!

  3. The heater you got your hubby is so cute! It looks like a wood burning stove! I bet he was thrilled to get it!

  4. Very cute little stove Katie! Reminds me of the wood burner we had when we lived in the mountains! Enjoy it! Blessings and continuing to send prayers your way, Cindy

  5. Your room is so inviting. Cozy and lovely :)

  6. Cute little heater. I think it looks nice. It is probably the same manufacturer of the one we have. I lost four followers too. I don't really understand google connect or google plus etcetera. Too many brands. xoxo Su

  7. That sweet little heater is adorable and I'm sure it keeps the room quite cozy. It's lunchtime once again and I wish we were eating together again. :)

  8. That is a cute heater and I love your room. I was going to suggest a small a.c. unit for the summer, but see that you already have one.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. I like the heater - not cheesy at all! Glad you can enjoy the garden room in winter. I lost some followers, too - very frustrating! So nice that you were able to meet a blogging friend!

  10. I love your new fireplace, Katie! Very Scandinavian to go with your all-white decor!

    I lost 30 followers in the past few weeks. I thought I posted something offensive until I read that it was happening to everybody. As you may have noticed, I'm spending less time blogging these days, so I imagine my numbers will continue to drop, but that's okay. Less pressure that way. :o)

    Have a good week, Katie!