Saturday, January 30, 2016

Low Key Valentine Mantel

I've changed my mantel more since I've been blogging than ever before.
I really wasn't one to switch it up for seasons and holidays but blogging has changed me.

I was enjoying the clock from our New Year's Eve mantel but suddenly this afternoon it was time for a change. 

 What's different you ask?
The Ethan Allan clock has been the mantel staple for the last few years. 
I love it. 
 It remains the starting point for every mantel. 
The old books with the spines turned to the back are a staple as well. 

In a bold move the clock is on a different side this time.
"Don't go crazy!" 
Some white candlesticks provide balance to the asymmetrical scheme. 
I like things that are asymmetrical. 
Symmetry makes me a little nervous. 
It's not me.

The cranberry glass vase came from Bill's Granny Vi. 

It looked good with the propped tin heart. 

  The empty frame came back into service to add some "chippy" texture. 
This old frame has been chalk painted.
I revealed bits of the old mahogany finish with a damp rag. 
You read that correctly. 
No sand paper-water!

The first couple of attempts at a Valentine's Day mantel design were fails. 

I liked elements of each mantel but things weren't coming together.
I show these to convey that sometimes things don't go according to plan the first time.

Keep playing with your decor until you like it.

I've been so enamored with pink, I thought this mantel would be pink.
Cranberry red works this time. 

It says Happy Valentine's Day without fanfare, fuss or glitter.
I love that stuff but not this year.

 That is what has kept me busy this afternoon. 
What have you been up to?


  1. It looks great, Katie! I've had plenty of those times when I try something, and it just doesn't come together. You just know when it's right, though. As for my afternoon, I sealed and stamped 600 invitations for a fundraiser :) Not as much fun as playing with a mantel.

  2. Very pretty! I like the items you've combined..that purple cut glass is beautiful.

  3. I love the cranberry glass as a nod to Valentine's Day, Katie. I've got the day to myself and I'm not even going to start on our living room mantel, because if I do, the day will be shot! I'm impressed that you can do it in a few hours. Mantels are my nemesis.

  4. I like how you arranged things on your mantel. I'm one of those compulsive symmetrical decorators. But I really want to learn to be more asymmetrical like you!

  5. I love the antique cranberry glass. It is so nostalgic and just the right touch of red. xoxo Su

  6. Your mantel looks so sweet for Valentine's Day! Love all the different elements you used. Like you, I know I change things more because of blogging. Hate to think back how long some things stayed the same before I entered the world of blogging.
    Mary Alice

  7. Your mantel is lovely, Katie...and I love your pretty fireplace screen, too! Following over on Bloglovin!

  8. What have I been up to? Redecorating my sister's house - never once till this moment ever thought to take before and after shots. You know, that is truly an epic fail in blogland, haha.

    I like your new mantle look.

    For fun you may want to consider trying to stack a few books on an angle and place your neat clock on top of that - angled too - a little to the left more - may look good with added height.

    You have a wonderful home and great stuff for your mantle any way you do it! : - )

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Your mantel is so beautiful, full of inspiration...lovely!
    Have a great week and take care!

  10. I love the headboard on your mantle! It's the perfect backdrop for all your pretty things!

  11. Hello Katie, I was so glad to see that you stopped in on my blog! You did an amazing job with your Mantle. I liked the heart banner and the old boks just bring a classic rustic look! And I love the dried roses!
    Your home is lovely and you are so right blogging does change us in more ways then one!
    It is fun to change up the mantel during the different seasons and holidays!
    Hugs, Roxy... And I think sprinkles make everything nicer!

  12. Love your mantle especially the old books and the clock!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  13. It is beautiful!!!! I love the cranberry glass it is so rich and luscious!!
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!