Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Master Closet Reveal

The chandelier is up in my closet. 
I am in love
It's been a week and my closet is still neat as a pin. 
 If I take the time to organize and decorate a space, I'm more likely to keep it clean. 

Closets and cupboards are my nemesis. 
Most of the outward stuff in our house is neat and organized but be careful opening a door. 
It's scary! 
This is how the closet looked most of the time. 

 This closet has always been disfunctional. 
The upper clothes rack was too high for me to reach so things got stuck up there that I didn't really wear. 
Bill is convinced I am a clothes hoarder.
All four of the racks were full of hanging clothes.
All the shelves had stuff on them and the dresser in our room was stuffed as well.
I had way too many clothes and it was time to purge.
Once it was empty I scraped the popcorn and rearranged the furnishings.
Instead of paint, I papered the walls with this silver and white circular pattern. 

It's different from anything else in the house.

I don't always have tulips in my closet but when I do, it's for a blog post.

The upper rack on the left came down so I won't be tempted to refill it.

Two different towers on each end create a counter-like 
 space in the middle for jewelry, nail polish and other pretties. 

A utilitarian shelf bracket got replaced with a pretty one from Hobby Lobby.
 This started out black but white looked better in this space. 
These are wonderful brackets for only $3.98 each but I don't think Hobby Lobby has them anymore.

Not having a wall of clothes here opens up the space and makes the closet feel significantly larger.

I moved my shoe cubbie and drawers from under the mirror to the nook on the right side. 

 The the laminate storage components came from Lowes several years ago.   
Everything just stacks on top of one another.
 New chrome handles replace the plastic ones that came with the drawer unit.

I still have plenty of space on this side to hang my lacey tops.

I love a lacey top! 

Read about my Tiffany blue jewelry boxes here.
All the edges of the shelves got painted to clean things up.

The totes full of off season clothes got lined with leftover wallpaper. 

The dowel from the shelf we installed after we moved in finally got a coat of paint to make it look neater.  

The black screws that we used to hang the brackets got a dot of white paint to make them disappear. 

The chandelier with three bulbs is brighter than what I had before.

I recommend this fixture from Home Depot even though it is acrylic. 

It has a lot of pretty detail and sparkle. 

It's perfect for glamming up a girly closet. 

Source list:
Wallpaper  Allen and Roth White and Silver Wallpaper           $29.98 a roll (2 rolls needed)
White Mirror Style Selections 21.5 x 27.5 White Beveled       
Rectangle Framed French Mirror                                            $29.98
Chandelier 3-Light Chrome Maria Theresa Mini Chandelier      $79.96
Closet Maid 25 White Laminate Storage Cube                         $49.98
Closet Maid 12.12 in Stacking Storage                                    $20.98
Closet Maid 12.12 laminate cupboard                           No longer on Lowes.com
Closet Maid laminate drawer unit                                 No longer on Lowes.com
Lacey top Daniel Raines @ Nordstrom Rack                             $29.97
Jewelry Boxes  Vintage hand me down and thrifted
Jar with nail polish Anchor Hocking 1/2 gallon Heritage 
Hill glass jar with lid                                                               $5. 88
Storage Totes and shoe boxes all from Walmart
Plastic Hangers -Walmart 
Glass jars with silver tops-                   Vintage Avon all thrifted pieces


  1. Katie, this looks amazing! You are such a hard worker.

    I love that you took a shelf out to make more space. Your admission of having a clean tidy house and crazy closets is just like me!!

  2. Hi Katie, Love it. Nothing better then a well planned closet and space to dress and keep everything straight. Everything looks so well placed and pretty. Love the chandy!! xo

  3. GREAT job - what an awesome task - congrats- great team work! : - )

  4. Your closet looks fabulous, and I'm sure choosing what to wear each day is now something you look forward to!

  5. This is SO inspiring and needs to happen in my own closet.

  6. Your closet is so pretty and I love the light. Wished I could have a walk in closet to decorate.

  7. Katie,
    I love your closet and chandy!

  8. Your closet just keeps getting better. love the addition of the chandy.

  9. This is so pretty, Katie...I have closet envy!

  10. Katie,
    Your closet is inspiring. I need to go through my clothes and give away about half of them.


  11. "I don't always have tulips in my closet but when I do, it's for a blog post." HA!!! You won the internet today ;)

    Your closet is absolutely perfect. Fantastic job.


  12. Katie your closet is sweet inspiration for me!In our new home we will have to share a much smaller closet than we had in our previous home. You have given me so many great ideas and tips. I'm pinning AND taking notes!

  13. This absolutely looks fantastic!!!!! Love the wall paper you added and the way you displayed your special bags and jewelry! I'm also re-doing my master closet right now, and am so excited with the whole process! Wish me luck and enjoy your lovely closet!

  14. WOW!!! Now that is a closet . . . I could spend all day in there :)

  15. I love what you did with your closet! xoxo Su

  16. Wow, Katie, it's so pretty and feminine! The wallpaper and chandelier really make the space special. I'd love to glam up my closet, but I share it with the hubby, so maybe just my side! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at BOTW!

  17. I love it. Such a fabulous makeover. I love the wallpaper and your chandy is to die for. Great makeoer.

  18. Just beautiful! I really well done makeover!

  19. Oh how I wish we had a walk-in closet! We are stuck with a 1950s sliding closet that doesn't hold much, it will never be as beautiful as yours has become! Beautiful job!

  20. Fabulous closet! Every gal's closet should have a chandy. Love the wallpaper. A walk-in closet would be great but we have the 1950's smallish closet with sliding doors. Thinking of changing them to French doors to allow better access.

  21. So,so pretty! You have created a haven.
    I hope you have a wonderful start to your school year!

  22. Oh Katie! May I just move into your closet? It's divine. Love the chandelier and the space you have created. (The tulips, too! Maybe high-end faux ones for the non-blog post?!) Four star and very inspiring.

  23. Wow! Katie! Your closet is great. I love the idea of wallpaper. Giggled at the tulips.

  24. Oh, what a lovely transformation! Every little detail is so pretty! Love this - I am so inspired! xx Karen