Saturday, March 26, 2016

A DIYer's Nails

Have you seen those manicure photos on Pinterest?
Some of those nail artists are amazing. 
 I adore a pretty manicure. 

It is nearly impossible for my nails to look pretty for more than a day. 
They chip almost immediately because of the chemicals we use at the school.
All my crafting and DIYing doesn't help them either. 
Do you have the same problem?
 I've thought about getting a gel manicure for a long time but I worried about the harshness of the remover and sitting with nails in tin foil didn't sound like fun. 

CVS has a line of gel polishes by Sally Hansen. 
They require no special lamps for setting and no special solvent for removal.
I thought I'd give them a try. 

It is a little pricey initially. 
The polish and the required top coat were about $10.00 each. 
The manicure is supposed to last 14 days. 

Let's see how a deep red does. 
Day 1


Are you kidding? 
I already broke a nail. 


It was an easy fix. 

On day 3 they were not looking so good. 
I touched up the tips to make the manicure last one more day. 


This was before removal on day 4. 

This is great polish remover.
It took off regular polish without much effort. 
 I love that I can get a manicure to last four days even if I have to touch up the tips at some point. 
The pink lasted 5 days.
Does it last 14 days?
It lasts twice as long as regular nail polish. 
Sally Hansen makes this line and it includes some cute colors. 
Pink and burgundy are the only ones in my collection at this point. 
This pink is gorgeous. The burgundy reminds me of my favorite OPI colors.  A rosy red is next on my list.
Kroger had this line for two dollars cheaper than CVS. 
If you are hard on your nails, you might want to give this a try. 
Let me know in the comments what you think.

Check out a sneak peak photo of our new marble back splash on Instagram. 
 Forgive me if my I'm a little slow to blog the next few weeks.
Our accreditation team visit is just two weeks away. 

Bill is coming back to life on insulin and we continue to process the past six years. 
I'll have some deep reflections on this. 
We want his story to help others so I apologize in advance if I'm sharing too much. 
Have a blessed Easter. 
He lives and so do we because of it! 



  1. Happy Easter to you Katie! O.k. so I normally don't get manicures(did that for many years with acrylics), but your nails looked so nice that I had to read up on them. I'm a quilter and my nails are trashed, but next week we are going to the Islands and one of my daughters always gives me a g.c. for a pedi for my birthday. So I began thinking maybe I'd get both, but now not sure-probably only a pedi. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have my own natural nails. I polished them last week because it was my birthday. I was complimented on them. My nails on my right hand are looking a bit worse for wear, and the polish comes off tonight and more will go on as tomorrow is Easter. I don't usually wear polish because I do a lot of gardening, etc. Plus I like my nails to breathe.

    I would be afraid of those fake nails.

    I pray Bill will continue to do well.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  3. Your experience with the polish is similar to mine. I think I paid $7.99 for the polish at our local Meijer store. I have a nails board on Pinterest and there is lots of interest in manicures and pedicures. Happy Easter to you! I am a new subscriber.

  4. gave up trying to wear polish and do DIY projects at the same time. Hope hubby does well on insulin and improves as much as possible. Happy Easter.

  5. I keep my nails just natural, but thank you for all the info! Hope Bill does well on his insulin :) Your Instagram link to the countertop didn't work :( Have a great day!