Thursday, March 24, 2016

Early Spring Front Yard

The weather has been gorgeous. 

 Warm temperatures and sunny days.

 I planted some annuals that are prefect for early spring.

These will bloom until June or July. 
At that point we will need something for the high temperatures. 

 The hail pummeled these but they have bounced right back. 

 Our Easter will be pretty low key. 

 We're still coming to grips with Bill's diagnosis. 

How could he have been misdiagnosed for so long?

He is already starting to act like his old self. 

God was very good to us. 

The tile guys have been here for three days working on the backsplash. 
It is going to be gorgeous. 

The bulbs are finished. 
There will be roses soon. 

Spring has arrived. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love all your wonderful flowers

  2. love looking at the flowers you planted. I'm just not brave enough to put anything in before Easter Sunday as I've seen it snow too many times here in Texas on Easter Sunday. Monday for sure!

  3. Your spring flowers are so pretty...and I love your entryway! Glad to hear your husband is feeling better! Hope you have a lovely Easter!

  4. The wall climbing yellow flowers are gorgeous. What kind of plant is that?

  5. Katie your yard is decked out in its Easter finest! Blessings to you and yours.