Monday, May 16, 2016

Gameroom Progress

We had a "make do" cabinet kicking around the house for years. 
It came from my father in law's garage and it served a variety of purposes around here over the years. 
It got painted and moved to the guest room last summer. 
It's cute with the cottage feel of this bedroom. 
Read about a crib rail turned head board here

It used to stand on the wall in between the kid's bedrooms. 

As soon as I moved it, I realized the wall behind it was hideous and needed some paint. 

"I'll just paint this one wall."
Ha Ha! 

 Pretty soon three out of the four walls were painted.
Then school started...

At some point gray paint was slapped up onto the accent wall. 

 Unfortunately I ran out of paint. 
I saved the can but Bill accidentally threw it away and there is no way to match it because it was an "oops" paint. 

 For now the room is pass-able
Just don't look too closely at the wall.  

I started taking some photos to update our lack of progress in here and decided I couldn't live without curtains any longer. 

Tuesday Morning had just what we needed and I had a gift card. 

It all has a bit of a cleaner line which will make Bill happy. 

This room still needs a lot of work.

I need to repaint the gray wall so Bill can hang his t.v.
He wants to update the shelving.

This is the last popcorn ceiling in the house. 
Can we get a "whoo hoo" for that? 
 It will be a tough one to do which is why it has been saved for last. 

How are we going to get it all off in this open concept house? 
I have a few ideas. 

I plan to get it finished this summer. 
I can't wait for summer.
Have a wonderful day. 

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  1. I like that space! The furniture looks perfect for watching tv. You are one hard worker. Now please don't tell me you are going to stand on a scaffold!!

  2. It all feels endless doesn't it? But this all feels like a nice and comfy room with your beautiful furniture. And your guest room is wonderful! I love the painted cabinet in there. So nice for you to leave a nice word when you came by to see my new room. I know what I'm talking about when I say it feels endless!

  3. Wonderful ideas all through your post, Katie! I love the cabinet...great way to use it and it looks totally different painted white. And yes, the domino effect in painting. I think we've all done that a few times!!! It's all good. Love your new curtains, I haven't been to Tuesdays Mornings in a long time! ;-) Your room looks so cozy!


  4. This is an awesome post, i got very interesting post over here, I want to thank you for your effort. Your site is great.

  5. Oh, Katie, another vacation removing more popcorn ceiling! Been there, done that, with thinking I could get away with painting one wall! You've got a great space to work with, and I'm sure you will work your magic on it, just like you have with the rest of your house