Friday, July 22, 2016

Embracing Oak Cabinets

One of my best days was moving out of a house with white cabinets. 
Another one of my best days was getting the cabinets painted in our current home.
Painted cabinets are all the rage but what if you can't paint your cabinets?
 What if you are renting? 
What if your significant other has put the kabosh on your dream of a white kitchen?
I've come up with two schemes that would look good with wooden cabinetry.
Both of these mood boards were created in Polyvore. 

I love this one in pink and gold. 

Embracing Oak Cabinets/ Rose and Gold Kitchen

Embracing Oak Cabinets/ Rose and Gold Kitchen by katieny featuring Pier 1 Imports

I would go with white countertops and a marble backsplash with very subtle pink and gold veining. 

This next scheme features a more casual kitchen cabinet. 
I would pull down some upper cabinets and do open shelving. 
I like this one built with pipes. 

Embracing Oak Cabinets/ Going Green

Embracing Oak Cabinets/ Going Green by katieny featuring scented candles

It is no secret that I am in love with green right now. 
I'm so attracted the bowl by Kate Spade that I may have to go find one of those. 
 The vase wall decor is too darling.

 Below are the sources for these lovely items. 
Thanks for reading! 
My Junkpalooza 2016 post may have gotten lost in all this Polyvore creating. 
Don't miss it.  
Linking with,
Savvy Southern Style
Contemporary rug

Vietri white plate

Enamel cookware

Marimekko kitchen linen
$20 -

Kusmi Tea kitchen dining

Kitchen Craft cream and sugar set
$10 -

West Slope Faucet

Mahogany furniture



  1. Hi Katie, wonderful inspiration. Green is a pretty color. sometimes you do have to make good with what you have. Happy weekend. Hugs

  2. At first I thought my husband was behind you writing this today, as he knows how I long to get rid of our oak cabinets, but I am also realistic and know the wood is fine and I should just be happy with the kitchen I have....and I truly am, but there is always that......oh, how I wish......feeling.

  3. I would LOVE to paint my kitchen cabinets white...however, Refinishing my solid oak kitchen cabinets was one of the last projects my husband completed before he passed. As much as I want a white kitchen (because it is so small) I just can't seem to bring myself to paint over his hard work. (someday maybe). Love the ideas! Blessings, Cindy xo

  4. Those are great style boards! So far, my love for white cabinets hasn't waned. I've had mine for 20 years. I think they are classic. It's nice to have good options to work with if you have different colored cabinets though.

  5. very appealing boards and cupboards. I'm for sure a white cabinets girl and can't wait to sell our house and buy one with white cabinets.

  6. Hi Katie,
    One of these days everyone will be wishing they had the wood look and we'll be ahead of ourselves! There is no way I can paint over ours since the wood is a feature all through the house. The previous homeowners even had custom shutters made to match. I wish the kitchen was brighter but also know that I am very lucky to have it! I enjoy the challenge of brightening and updating it with accessories, so I love your ideas.