Friday, July 22, 2016

Junkpalooza 2016

It is time, my fellow junkers and thrifters - Junkpalooza 2016.

 I believe in "Paloozas". 
"Paloozas" or "Fests" make ordinary things so much more exciting and fun and suddenly they become an event!
Am I right? 

 I think I could have a career in renaming things. 
 Campaignpalooza 2016? 
Votefest 2016?
These are spot on, if you ask me.
 Junkpalooza is one of my favorite things about summer except for maybe Floatfest.

That is me on a giant swan. 

 Once a year my brother, Dave comes for a junking jaunt. 
We jog through town looking for castoffs and neglected treasures.

This experience isn't for everyone. 
You have to be impervious to certain smells.
I took Bill junking one time. 
By the end of the day, we had a whole room full of brand new furniture. 
This is a true story. 

 Dave and I will hit Half Price Books and several thrift stores. 
We will even get to a couple of antique stores if there is time. 
I thought we could look over some of my previous junky finds in anticipation of Junkpalooza 2016. 

It will be hot. 

There will be dirt. 

There will be Irish Nachos.

There may even be bagels. 

There will be smells. 

I'm not sure what we will find but I'm so excited about it. 
 I will be hosting a junky link party sometime next week. 
Look for it and be prepared to share a post featuring your junky finds.  
(Link party is live)
Would you like to join us for Junkpalooza 2016?


  1. let us know when...I wouldn't miss it

  2. I have to say I don't really get Junkpalooza. I guess it's how a couple of transplanted yankees deal with midsummer Texas days.