Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Winner Is....

I rarely win anything. 
My former sweet boss, Kayla, used to put our names in a cup. 
She would draw names for monthly prizes at faculty meetings. 
We did it for about three years. 
I finally won something near the end of the three years, but for the longest time I was convinced my name wasn't even in the bowl. 
My new boss gives away a primo parking spot. 
You've guessed correctly if you assume I've never parked in the spot except for illegally after hours. 

When I do win something, I know it is a special occurrence. 
It's a little pick me up, a kiss from an angel.

 It's a subtle message that someone is in my corner so I take it as an opportunity to be encouraged. 
 I hope that the winner of the Ramsign giveaway feels special and encouraged. 
 I hope bj conklin feels kiss by an angel! 
She is the winner of a cute sign from Ramsign. 
Congratulations, bj. 
I'll email you with details as soon as I have them. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing.
I will be having another giveaway next month, so there will be another chance to win something. 
Thanks to all of you that stop by.
It means the world to me. 



  1. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE ! How blessed I am to win....and I am sure I just felt an angel kiss on my cheek...THANKS so much, Katie, for giving me the chance to win this beautiful sign.xoxo

  2. Congrat's to bj and thank you for having a giveaway!

  3. YAY for BJ. I never win anything either so wasn't expecting to, but I'm happy she won as she will do it up right. thanks for the chance though. It was fun dreaming.