Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Evolution of A Color Crush

When you live in a neutral environment, adding a subtle pop of color keeps interiors from becoming a little stagnant.
 I've never been faithful to a color.
I have color obsessions.
I do.
I can't help it.
There might be something wrong with me.

I've recently become re-enamored with green.  
This is that story. 
We had a hail storm. 

 It obliterated our cars so I nicknamed them Pimples and Dimples. 
Mine was Dimples, of course. 

Bill took issue with the fact that I was calling his car Pimples, so I renamed the cars, Mr. and Mrs. Dowlrimple.
There really was a Dowl Rimple

 We got the cars assessed and each received a check from the insurance adjuster. 
All was good until more hail storms popped up in the forecast. 

More hail meant more damage which meant another deductible. 
We already had three deductibles between the cars and the roof.
We did not need any more out of pocket expense.
We cleaned out the garage so we could pull the vehicles in if need be.
As a result we did a little more purging. 
The little A Brandt desk turned potting bench had to go. 

However, within its storage depths, I found green. 
Glorious green flower pots.

Some old and some new but all a colorful inspiration. 
I decorated the deck in shades of celery and navy.
It's so pretty while evoking a false sense of cooler temps.

This is Texas, y'all. 
Ain't nothing cool about it. 
This in turn caused a plethora of Pinterest searches all with green as the catalyst. (Please, follow me on Pinterest and on my other social media sites.)

I went to see "Wicked"

 I decked out the living room in green glass. 
I'm telling you. 
I don't have that many hidey holes around here any more but I systematically ferreted out anything and everything green.
The other day I remembered something else. 
Buried in the bowels of the kitchen island was a marvelous green bowl. 

  A green so sublime that it spurred a flip flop of the niches in the kitchen. 
I know. 
I just did them 4 weeks ago. 
I hunted and gathered as many glorious green accoutrements as I could find. 
 I headed to the antique mall for more. 
 I scouted and scoured until I found an assortment of chotchkies. 
I'm having a color crush right now. 

Can you even?

I didn't spend much but found some darling examples of vintage kitchen accessories.



Dear Miss Red.
It's not you. 
It's me. 
I can't be faithful to a color. 
I've tried. 
I just need more out of life.
You came on too strong. 
I'm not ready.  

You can join your friends:
country blue,
cobalt blue,
robin's egg,
Again, I'm so sorry.
 Until we meet again.

Hello, Gorgeous Green. 


  1. What a great and fun post, Katie !! LOVE what you've done with colors. I'm a little bit like that too. Mostly neutral, but i love doing pops of color as we roll season-to-season, and holiday-to-holiday. It is hot in the south, so lighter and less bold colors definitely feels cool ............stay in the AC (till Fall) LOL

  2. Love green and blue too!! Cute post - enjoyed!

  3. I knew a dealer once who had a cute little abide. She had mostly whites and loved them but expanded and she had a green room, blue room and pink room too. I was so sad when she closed her shop.

  4. I dislike hail damage so much I pay to park my car in a city garage plus already paying for lot parking on the college campus where I work when , like today we have storms plus hail.
    That is to bad about cars getting hit twice.
    I know if you have a yard sale and cleansed out your garage of vintage treasures they all sold especially your potting bench cabinet.
    I like all your green just this month I have fell in love with lime green

  5. We have had some of the weirdest weather this year! I'm just so glad we continue to get some rain though.

    The green you are adding in is really pretty. That's probably one of the few colors that never goes out of style. It adds a fresh feel to the room.

  6. Katie,
    That green bowl from the bowels of your cabinets is converting me to a green obsession also. Your newly arranged cabinets with all their green makes it easy to see why you have thrown over red in favor of green for now. {Love your sense of humor in this post!}


  7. I love your green Katie-
    I love it too.
    Thank you for being at Thoughts of Home!
    White Spray Paint