Saturday, August 27, 2016

Country House Hunting #2

Bill and I went house hunting a few weeks ago in East Texas. 

We'd love five acres to enjoy on weekends and during our retirement. 

We found a property that was just about perfect. 

 It was wooded but had some open space for a garden.

It had great views of a pond, hills and a log cabin.

 There was a quirky building that could be used as income potential. 

The building had a large living, dining, sleeping area with a kitchen and bathroom. 

Bill was intrigued by the shop.

I'm always a little intrigued by junky storage. 

The little house was adorable on the outside.

It had some darling features. 

The craftsmanship was outstanding.

There was so much I could do to it to tweak it and make it us. 

The kitchen was new and

so were the bathrooms. 

In the end there was something we couldn't wrap our brains and hearts around. 

It was a mobile home. 

I'm not a snob and I could live in a mobile home.

I just don't want it to look like one. 

It didn't until you look at the ceilings and the walls.

It was tempting but it just wasn't meant to be. 

It didn't make my heart sing.  

We'll know it when it's the right one.
Have a great day and thanks for coming along.  

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  1. Beautiful property! But you are on track about knowing when it is the right one ♥

  2. I was wondering what the "but" would be! You'll surely know "the one" when you see it!

  3. Somewhere there's a special house and property with your name on it.

  4. The right place will let you know by ticking all of your boxes and making your hearts sing.

    Happy hunting ~ FlowerLady

  5. Think carefully. :)

    Is this a second home or will you eventually live there. Check out this blog. She used to live in a gorgeous mobile home. You never would have guessed it by the way she decorated it.

  6. Hi Katie,
    House hunting can be fun and also stressful too. I hope you find the right fit for you. The property on this place looked pretty wonderful.

  7. Hi, Katie,
    Could you sell the mobile home and use that income to build a house? Or could you rent the mobile home either to full-time renters or short-term rentals?


  8. I know loans are hard to get for mobile homes regardless of quality. That's the first thing my realtor told me

  9. This seems like a nice peaceful place for retirement. Five acres of land seems to fit your exact needs. I like the house! I think I could also live in a mobile home as long as it was fixed up. I love the kitchen, it looks very nice and spacious. Thanks for sharing and good luck on finding a house!