Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yearning For Fall

I'm not sure there is a season that garners more yearning than fall. 
It happens to me every year. 

I cannot wait to pull out the bins filled with pumpkins and  scarecrows. 

After a few weeks of the extra fluff and folderol, I get anxious to pull it all down and pack it back up. 

It's a delicate balance. 
Poor Bill. 
'Tis the season of bins everywhere! 

Texas is tricky. 

While the rest of the country is showing off its autumn splendor, our leaves are still as green as can be. 
We start our show by mid to late November. 
Most of the time Bill is raking leaves before he puts out the Christmas lights. 
The Lord and I are going to have a conversation about this some day.

 I have to stop myself from decorating the house too early. 
It's even worse since I started blogging because every blogger wants to have the new pumpkin design that will go viral. 
Seriously, the one out of canning jar lids is just too cute. 
I think if you do a Google image search this pumpkin will pop right up.  

The orange gets to me after a few weeks so I've tried to come up with other colors that aren't as jarring to my senses and that are consistent with what is going on outside.

I like to use naturals. 
Heading outside to clip tree branches isn't going to happen because not much is going on. 
My dwarf Nandina bushes are my new "go to" source for branches during the fall.

 The chartreuse green leaves with a touch of coral are perfection. 
The delicate leaf is consistent with fall rather than a waxy leaf which would read tropical. 
They last for weeks. 

 I haven't started decorating for fall, yet, but I am pinning away images on Pinterest.  
Follow me over there for inspiration.
I have done a few little vignettes to celebrate late summer and the start of school.  

 Come back to see some more.
I'm patiently waiting and will try to enjoy each month and season as it comes. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great fall inspiration pics! I don't do a lot of fall decorating inside and usually keep it minimal outside. I can't wait for the crisp autumn mornings :o)

  2. Hi Katie, Like you I am also yearning for fall/autumn/harvest-however it is still a bit off, so not putting out my oranges and pumpkins yet. I just changed my table runner yesterday, from patriotic to a warm one in browns with appropriate candles and a bowl of pinecones. I just to use apples in Sept. in Ca., but now am ready to start the harvest decorations by mid-Sept. We could always have snow by then-oh heavens no I hope not.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Katie, I'm with you all the way. Hurry Fall! I've already been shopping and decorating a little as I try to downsize my stuff too. I am a better Spring Cleaner in Fall than in the Spring when things start to heat up here in Texas.

  4. Katie,
    We are still green on our trees here in the midwest. No signs of fall just yet. We are getting a little cooler in the evenings so fall is just around the corner for us. I know all of you that live in Texas with the heat are ready for a cool down. I just want to savor a few more days of summer.

  5. Katie,
    I'm with you looking for colors other than orange for fall. I really like all the colors live pumpkins come in these days. White, green, peach are all colors for pumpkins I've used in the past 3-4 years.


  6. I can't wait to decorate for Fall and I am so looking forward to the cooler temps.!!

  7. I ordered a pillow that says "hello fall." It arrived yesterday, and it took all my self-control to put it away.

  8. I'm pinning like crazy too but I hate to say good by to my beautiful plants and yard. Autumn does feel so good...maybe it's because summer is so hot here.

    Hey did you get the invitation to the get together in October? I hope you can come. :)

  9. Me ready for fall!
    Thanks so much for also sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!