Monday, August 22, 2016

The Farmhouse Guest Room

 Cows are huge! 

We were at the ranch one weekend and I thought it would be fun to give the longhorns their cow cakes. 
Bill was down at the trailer doing something else so I was alone.

I hopped onto the four wheeler, went up to the barn and collected the treats. 
I strapped the pan of cakes onto the back of the vehicle and headed toward the cows. 
They aren't stupid.

As soon as I got off and started unbuckling the pan of cow cakes, all eleven of the longhorns came running. 
Twenty two horns of gouge potential were headed straight toward me.
 Fearing for my life, I threw the pan of cow cakes and ran like the wind in the opposite direction.

I thought I was ready to be a cowgirl.
A chicken maybe but not a cowgirl! 

I love cows.
I think they are beautiful and gentle creatures.

The cow print over the bed came from LaurieAnna's Vintage Home in Canton, Texas. 

The black ticking pillows are from Pottery Barn. 
I made the toile pillow ages ago. 

The tiny cow print was a download from The Graphic's Fairy.

These are the kind of cows I'm not afraid of.
I love this room. 
It's just so cute! 
I hope you are having a great day.

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  1. Oh your room is awesome!

    And I can't blame you - I'd have run for my life as well - any beast able to trample me to death gets my respect. LOL.

  2. What lucky guests you have! Such a pretty room! Love the cow story..... :o ! They are sweet, but BIG! xx Karen

  3. Katie,
    Smart chick... run from those horns! Your guest bedroom looks inviting and fresh. The black and white is a great farmhouse look that fits the cow prints perfectly.


  4. I know what you mean.....Country isn't always 'girl proof!'
    Loved this post and love your guest room! You have the right idea!!

  5. What a beautiful guest room! The cows are much less intimidating in there.

  6. Katie lol on the cow cakes and the cows!!!! Love your guest room. When can I come for a stay? It looks so pretty and peaceful. Your guests won't want to leave.

  7. Love the cows Katie and your guest bedroom!

  8. I'm in love with this room!

    Cows really do fool ya. They are so docile looking but they are big and big can be dangerous. ;)

  9. We have cows tucked in behind us and beside us. I love mother nature too, but cows are sort of unpredictable creatures.
    Soft and serene guest room to greet your guests.

  10. Love your room. So peaceful! Funny story....The farmer up the road from us asked my husband to help him get his cows in a trailer to move them. He wanted my husband to stand to the side to keep them from going around the back of the trailer. Which he did, sort of. We were going out to eat that night and passed the farmer's house and my husband said, "see that big dent in the chicken house?". It was HUGE! "That could have been me", he said. They started moving quickly and my husband moved too. He's not a very good farmer.....we're a city transplant!

  11. I would run too. I did the same thing with thoroughbred horses and carrots. All was well until they started jostling each other.

    Your room is beautiful, quaint and bright. Guests will love it.

  12. I drive by long horn cows like that taking my daughter to school when I take the back roads. Um, no thank you! Love the room. There is something about all white that is soothing. I have a lot of color in my house but, if it was mixed with vintage vs modern I'd add white. That cabinet is amazing!!! & who doesn't love The Graphics Fairy ;) Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Pinned & sharing Hope to see you again this week!

  13. As a rancher's daughter I thought 'Oh Katie be careful' when I first started reading this post.
    And you were!
    This bedroom is so pretty and serene. I love the prints throughout the room.

    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home.

    White Spray Paint

  14. Katie, I love cows too, but don't think I'm brave enough to fee a herd of longhorns. '-)
    Your guest room looks comfortable and inviting.

  15. Katie, your guest from looks so serene and welcoming! Just letting you know I'll be featuring it tonight at Best of the Weekend!