Thursday, October 27, 2016

The "Whys" Of Our New Doors

You may have seen my "oops". 

I knew as soon as I did it that it was going to be a costly mistake. 
I went to the home improvement center to look at doors. 

The options were limited. 

They had French doors with grids. We didn't want grids. 
They had single panel doors with mini blinds inside. Nope, nope, nope. 
They had sliding doors. 
Everything else was a custom door. 

We tossed around the idea of replacing the glass. 
I'd screwed bead board into the door to keep the ax murders out while Bill was out of town. 
I know what you are thinking. 
"Bead board ain't going to keep out a determined ax murder, Honey."  

I'm not sure why y'all say "ain't" or why you call me "Honey". 

I felt like the door was ruined. It would be difficult to cover up all the screw holes. 
The old plastic grid split upon landing. 

You may never have noticed but only one of these doors opened. 
The other was stationary for some reason. 
They were also not very energy efficient. 
Bill wanted new doors. He has wanted them for years and now was the time to do it. 
When Bill got home from his trip, we took our measurements into the store.
Our doors were not up to current code. 
The door that was operational was only 30 inches wide and code requires 36 inches wide. 
The set that I wanted had a starting cost of $2,500. 
That didn't include installation. 
My designer friend saw the broken glass post on Facebook. 
Her husband, who is a contractor, came to the rescue. 
He came and measured and then sent us to a door manufacturer. 

Normally exterior doors swing inward. 
There wasn't a sunroom when the house was built. 
Now we have the sunroom so the doors can swing outward. We wanted the kitchen to feel larger. 

Ordering the door was so easy. 
We were in and out of the store in about a half hour. 
It only took a week for the door to be made. 
The carpenter, recommended by the contractor, installed the door in about 4 hours. 
Painting and a transition piece are the only things left to do. 

We love it. 
The kitchen looks huge.
We payed significantly less than the other options and it was done so fast. 
If you live in my area and you need a good contractor, please message me. 


  1. That's why I'd never would try installing a big door like that. 4 hours for a guy that KNOWS what he's doing. I'd give up after 30 minutes and cry.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful blessing in disguise the broken door was. I love how you just made your kitchen area larger. It's beautiful!


  3. Love the new door it does make your room look so much bigger.

  4. Thanks for all the information. I keep your dilemma in mind every time I clean my french doors.

  5. We have the same style door in our living room that opens to the patio. Only one door opens and that is to the inside. It is in the way when open. We need to replace the doors but not in the budget right now. Will have to check to see if just the glass part could be replaced. Yours looks great and glad you are able to open them outward now.

  6. Those turned out so nice to have the kitchen feel so much larger, too!

  7. It looks fabulous, Katie! And how lucky are you to know the right people who not only had the best option, but the best price! Enjoy it!

  8. Looks great, so much brighter, more kitchen space because they open out. Great fix.

  9. Because we are Southern, honey, and those new doors are perfection.
    :) gwingal