Friday, January 13, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

I managed to get 11 of these in before Epiphany. 
The last craft was done before but not uploaded until the 7th. 
It was a little difficult to carry out this series. It was a lot to get finished and posted. 
Here they are in case you missed any. 
You will have quite the jumpstart on crafting for next year. 

My husband would title this post: 
"That Time My Wife Took My Good Mahogany."
It is still decorating the porch for the winter. 

Bill would title this post. "We Have Too Many Pillows." 

His title. "You Can Sew All These Ornaments. How Come It Takes So Long To Get You To Sew A Button On?" 

Bill's title, "The 'Has To Be Moved Every Time We Eat Dinner' Snowman." 

Bill: "What Is Your Obsession With Pillows?" 

#6. Painted Cottages

"Why Can't You Keep A Favorite Color Like Other People?" wonders Bill. 

We are half way there. 
This may be where I started condensing my posts. 

"Do Not Touch My Mahogany." 

I told an old story with this post. 

Bill would have nothing to say about this post because it is just the sweetest story. 

You can only image what Bill would call this post. 
"Woman, Give It A Rest." 

And finally, 

There you have it my friends. 
Look for my next series; "The 12 Crafts Of Valentine's Day."
Bill would call it, "The 'Please, No More Pillows' Series!"  
Have a blessed day. 


  1. Katie,
    Valentine's Day! One month and one day away... I have some posts planned, but some will require some work before photographing and writing the posts. Time to get busy.... Looking forward to seeing your crafts.


  2. All your crafts are inspiring. I've pinned most of them to get ready for Christmas next summer.

  3. Katie, we don't want Bill and the chef to meet. They gang up with a pillow ban!
    It's fun to see all your crafts. I look forward to the valentine series. ;-)