Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deck Refresh 2017

Hi, Guys,

Moss Roses

I've been working on a deck refresh. 
It was all finished and the sky opened up. 
We got 6 inches of rain in 3 or 4 days. It was crazy but we needed it.
May was unusually dry. 

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

I replace the worn out and faded cushions and pillows every spring.
I sew everything so it is pretty affordable.

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

All of the fabric came from Joann's except for the fabric that looks like gears.
That came from eBay.
It's P/Kaufman Ring A Bell in Navy.

The rocker was my retirement gift from my school. 

Before it could be moved to the deck, it the signatures underneath the seat needed to be sealed. 
I used Valspar Urethane. 

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

Moss Roses in foreground

It's so cute and comfortable. 
It came from Cracker Barrel. 
I love that they chose a white one. 

Moss Roses in Foreground

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair

We've had blue and green out here for the last couple of years. 

The banner from my classroom coordinates perfectly.
It's been fun figuring out where those treasures fit in here at home.

I thought it looked super cute out here.

I'm trying Moss Roses out here on the deck.
They will get strong afternoon sun. Usually everything just burns up but I hope these work.

That is it for now.
I hope this inspires you to freshen up your deck.


  1. Love your deck refresh, looks like a perfect way to spend an evening. and how cute is that rocking chair idea with all the signatures!?

  2. Super fun Katie!! Love the fabrics you used. I've seen those rockers at Cracker Barrell and they are so cute! Great that they signed it for you. I plant moss rose in galvanized junk containers because it can take the heat.

  3. Your deck refresh looks very pretty Katie. How cute and sweet is that rocker with all the signatures. So adorable. Happy Thursday.

  4. I have to say I'm a little envious that you can have a deck with such lovely things outside and not be dealing with rainstorms and morning dew on them! It looks just terrific, Katie. I love the colors and freshness of it. Bravo!

  5. Great patio Katie, You have decorated it wonderfully. Plants, flowers and accessories make a big difference. Congrats on getting the custom domain. Any luck with your Adsense?

  6. Patio looks great. Love how you have the little barn shed right on your deck.

  7. Your patio is so nice with all sorts of interesting little vignettes and florals to look at. Very welcoming.