Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Trailer is Primed And Ready For Paint

We picked up the trailer on Tuesday and parked it across the street. It is sort of in between two of the neighbor's houses. We've spoken to one couple and they are completely okay with it sitting there for a bit. I'm not so sure about the other couple. 

If they call the city on us, we will come up with plan B but we've been good neighbors so I hope we are good for a few weeks. 

Armed with coffee and the drill driver, we got out there first thing this morning. 
We unscrewed everything we could think of. 
The valances were put on with l brackets. 
Once the sides of the cornices were removed, we could get the mini blinds off. Those needed to be removed so we could get to the screws that held the top pieces in place. 
We aren't putting these back in. I'll be making some curtains instead. 

A privacy curtain for the "bedroom" ran along a track on the ceiling. 

We don't really need it except Bill gets up early and I like to sleep in. His book light doesn't bother me when the curtain is closed.  

I was able to slip the curtain off of the track by taking out one screw on the end. 
Plastic fittings are attached to the top of the curtain. I'll reuse these and sew them onto a new curtain. 

The nifty cup holders would be easy to recover but they don't hold a cup of coffee. 
They are useless to avid coffee drinkers. Bill is going to make a tray of some kind to replace these. 

The couch folds out into the smallest bed in the world. 
What can I say about this fabric that you haven't thought? 
Bill asked why we picked this trailer, with this fabric. 
Sadly, it was the best on the lot. 
A collage of palm fronds. 
I could have a new career designing the interiors of travel trailers. 

The fabric is in good shape but mice spent a winter frolicking on it.
 It has got to go. 

The fold out bed/couch was held on with a series of screws and bolts. 

The seat and the back will be easy to recover. 
They are in the garage so I can work on them in the house. 

Now for the "what was I thinking?" portion of the day. 

The internet can be a bad thing. 
I saw that Gripper Primer by Glidden works on trailer walls. 
What a pain in the neck. 
It isn't that big of a space but there was a lot of cutting around windows, cabinets and doors. 

 I don't mean to brag but I'm good at the detail work. 
I only had to use a little bit of painter's tape. 

I had to laugh when I saw this picture. I cropped it because Bill had a little bit of a plumber situation going on with his shorts. 

I think the finished slid out will have the biggest impact. 

Bill pitched in to help when I'd started to fade. 
We were able to plug in the trailer so we could have air conditioning. 
I was thankful for that. 
Bill said he will take co-credit if this works out okay. 
If it doesn't, he will pretend he had nothing to do with it. 
Here is the video of the after. 

We finished this shortly after lunch. 
That's not bad until I think about doing it all over again with the top coat. 
Which is why we decided to leave the cabinets as is. 
It already feels lighter and brighter! 
I'll be back with more updates. 
I hope you have had a great day. 


  1. Katie,
    Where is your first destination when you are ready to hit the road? Wherever, your newly renovated travel trailer will be the envy of women with un-renovated upholstery. 😉


  2. Loads of work in store but I think you are up for the task! What a sense of accomplishment you'll have

  3. It's always something! Thankfully you will have plenty of time in bed staring at your fantastic paint job and make over.

  4. It will be worth all the hard work! Can't wait to see the finished product!