Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sewing Class At The Library

My daughter is a librarian at a sweet municipal library. 
She has been a voracious reader since the summer we bought her a box of Baby Sitter Club books at a garage sale for three dollars.
This job is perfect for her.

A few months ago, she mentioned that she was getting a sewing machine.
She wanted to learn how to sew. We spent an afternoon going over the basics.
She is a natural.

She made a sampler of all the stitches available with her machine.
I'm a little jealous of her new machine, if the truth were told.

She was putting on an adult services program where patrons could come learn about their sewing machines. 
She asked me to help. 

We went over common tools and ways to find patterns. 
Rebekah is a wonderful teacher.

The patrons for the most part had their machines but didn't really know how to use them.

Figuring out how to load the bobbin and thread the machine can be intimidating.
We went around the room and assisted with this process.
Once their machines were ready to go, they were able to chose from a variety of fabrics so they could practice sewing.

One of our star students made a tote bag.

Another patron was making a set of flannel pillow cases.

Do you have a sewing machine that isn't getting used?
Check out your local library or fabric store for classes.
So much fun. 


  1. I suspect my mother's very old Necchi is in the garage at the lake where it's been for decades. I can't sew to save my soul and it's probably a good thing because I don't know where I would cram a fabric addiction into my already crowded space! But I so admire those who do and the wonderful things they create.

  2. How fun!! Look at you...not even missing a beat.

    When I was growing up in Mesquite, TX the schools had fun classes every summer. I took sewing classes several times. We made tote bags in one class. I also remember making one of those tops that slipped over your head and tied on the sides. Remember those?

  3. Katie,
    Once a teacher, always a teacher. The sewing class at the library is a great service to the community. Threading the bobbin is indeed a challenge. When I was in high school in a home economics class, we had a unit on sewing. The bobbins on our machines were a lot like the one on my current machine... lies flat, thread goes around, and is pulled up to catch the top thread on the needle. One day as I was threading my machine I jammed the machine needle through my thumb and had to have the teacher push my thumb off the needle. OUCH! I saw the school nurse... no real damage down since I missed my thumbnail and the wound was a clean wound. However, to this day, I am always cautious when threading my bobbin.


  4. A great idea to have the class at the library. Our library provides a number of workshops and programmes, but, I don't think I have ever seen a sewing class. Thank you for sharing.