Thursday, June 8, 2017

Let's Add Sprinkles Has A New Domain Name

Hi Friends,

When I started my blog, I knew nothing about blogging.
I thought the free offers of stuff would start piling in because of my witty and intelligent content.

I had no idea how important the name of the blog and the blog address were to search optimization.
I just wanted something cute and meaningful.
So my blog name and the name in my blog address didn't match.
I waffle back and forth with this whole blogging thing.
Sometimes I just want to shut it down but inspiration will invariably strike and then I feel the urge to tell you about my goofy projects.
I am always tinkering with a something. My house is in a perpetual state of redecoration.
Knick knacks know not to get too comfortable because they will be replaced.
I've always been this way.

My daughter's friends loved to tease me about my proclivity towards pumpkin decor.

It was driving me a little crazy that my blogspot name and my blog name didn't match.
My katietreasures.blogspot domain really had nothing to do with Let's Add Sprinkles.
Do you know how many Katies there are?
Many of them have treasures so this name was not unique.
It reminded me of an 80's craft mall name.
Something like - Katie's Kozy Krafts.
Back in the day, that was going to be my wood cutout business name.
Wood cut outs were huge in the 80s.
Google it for yourself to see some of the unique treasures people were creating during the decade of country crafting.
I kept getting an email from Google that my domain name was expiring for lack of payment.
It got caught in the "my debit card got hacked" fiasco.
I'm grateful for that fiasco but that is another story for another day.
I was busy.

Retiring is an emotional roller coaster.  I had no time or energy to figure out how to get into Google and renew it.
It expired. 
I tried to renew it but it wouldn't let me.
I looked at new domain names and was available.
 My domain name and my blog name finally match.
I feel so grown up!
What does this mean to you?
I don't want to lose you so please make sure that you are still getting email notifications. 
Please update my address in your sidebar if I'm on your blog roll.
Please follow along.
I have some fun things coming up.
There may be pumpkins involved.
There will not be wood cutouts, however.


  1. Hi Katie, my name and domain does not match either. Never thought it was a big deal, but sounds like maybe it is. I wouldn't know what to do.

  2. You got me with pumpkins. I love pumpkins. I can't get enough of them. Obviously, I am still receiving your posts. I like hearing from you so don't give up blogging.

  3. This year I planted pumpkins for the first time and can't wait to have them pop!

    I love Let's Add Sprinkles and will be sure to check blog info. If you are a googlefriend (I am) I think it still shows up. Can;t wait for your pumpkins and glad not to see the wood cutouts!

  4. Katie,
    Sometimes good things arise from mix-ups. Glad you were able to get your domain name to match your blog name... and I am updating my sidebar.


  5. Sounds like your domain expiration was a blessing in disguise! Congrats on the name change! Like you, I often think I should give up blogging, but then I feel inspired, and so, go on. Love the picture of your tub with the netting!