Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Attack Of The Giant Moth/Sunroom Decor 2017

Bill and I were in a sound sleep. 
I could have been snoring. 
Bill was definitely snoring.
Just sayin.

Suddenly, I heard a load flapping noise between the window glass and the mini blinds. 
Everything sounds louder in the middle of the night. This sounded like the bats coming out from under that bridge in Austin.
We flipped on the light. When our eyes adjusted to the light we could see a gigantic moth. 
It had to be about as big as my hand.

Somehow and I don't know how, we were able to get it out of the house. 
Bill probably fell back into a deep sleep. I'm sure it took me a long while before I slept again. 
Just sayin.

There was a scary movie during the 60s involving a giant moth.

I now understand the terror.

I'm not really a fan of moths. Butterflies, I love, however.  
Thinking it was butterflies, I ordered this pillow cover off of the Pottery Barn website last year. 
I loved it. 
Bekah said, "Mom. It's moths." 
I no longer loved it and I stuck it in a closet. 

I was in the mood to sprinkle a few butterflies around the garden room this summer.
Even though the pillow cover depicts moths, I pulled it out and set on the couch. 
The memory of the giant moth came back to my mind.
I think I might be just a little in love with the pillow now because of the giant moth.

A Christmas ornament turned garden fairy got some ceramic butterfly wings. 

I pulled out my butterfly photograph from our trip to Arkansas.
This was from my first sponsored blog post.

The cloche on the coffee table has an image from the Graphic's Fairy and a metal butterfly box. 
I adore this vignette.

The afore mentioned "Snorelax" was a little bitter about how much printer ink I've been using this summer.
"Snorelax" is a Pokemon character - FYI.
A fitting nick name for my husband. 

I found a few new pieces of hotel china this summer.
They got added to the collection of green and white on the dish dresser.

The doll house is storing our beach towels this summer.

I adore the graphics on the Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book.
The dried roses came from a sweet student.

That is it for now, my friends. 
I hope all is wonderful.
Have you ever seen a giant moth? 


  1. This is such a pretty room! Love the way you pulled together the moth, butterfly, and green touches.

  2. Oh, Katie- my husband sleeps like the dead and I am a VERY light sleeper - if I even sleep at all, which is rare - but ohmygosh I'd have had a heart attack then and there if I woke to that. Just sayin'. (wink wink)

  3. Your room is delightful. I think the pillow is great too!
    Come over and share at The Fabulous party. It's now at Our
    Holiday Journey and My Journey Back. Let's party together!

  4. Looks like you've learned the art of decluttering your shelves. Sadly, it's a lesson I keep failing to learn. Your room and shelves are lovely to look at.

  5. It's so pretty, Katie. Light and airy and summer. So glad you didn't slap down the moth with your Magnolia, though I can imagine any way out would be a good one. I had a moth incident last night in the bathroom but not nearly so big. Hate 'em. I live in Michigan. I knit. Too much wool!

  6. I love the title of this post. It totally made me click on it. I love Your vignettes are so pretty. And if moths are colorful, they are okay with me--as long as they don't eat your clothes!

  7. When I was a teenager, looonnggg time ago, we had huge green moths that would land on the outside of the windows. They were pale green and were really beautiful! Moths, etc., don't bother me but do not show me any spiders!! I even am ok with snakes.