Saturday, September 30, 2017

Feeling Frenchy

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen my images of France.
I am completely smitten. 
I'll be sharing more about our trip in the weeks to come but in the meantime, I've added a few touches that evoke a French feeling.  
ISO - If you know where I can get croissants that don't taste like wallpaper paste, please let me know. 
Instead of pulling out the fall decor, I was rounding up anything that had a French connection. 
It's nerdy - I know, but that's how I roll. 

I remembered that Bill's grandmother took a grand tour during the 1930s. 
She got this darling handkerchief to commemorate her travels. 
I dug it out of the family trunk of cr@p. 

We got the Eiffel Tower around the corner from 31 Rue Cambon. It was only 4 Euros. 

I love this!

I took the picture of the Eiffel Tower. It's been printed on regular copy paper. 
It's my secret for vintage looking prints. You know I love vintage. 

The lavender bundle came from a local boutique mall. 
 The basket surrounding the candle gives it a French feel. 

I always wondered who bought the faux cheese and bread that they sell at Hobby Lobby.
 Now I know.
I added a real croissant from Tom Thumb. (It tastes slightly better than wallpaper paste). 
When I went back after the photo shoot to get it and wrap it up, it was gone. 
Someone else like likes them, just FYI. 

I love the faux it reminds me of our visits to brasseries and caf├ęs. 

No spoilage with faux!

Everything in France seems more enchanting. 
I brought home a darling packet of hot chocolate. (I'm not sure if that was allowed but...) 
Look at this packaging. 
The Pillsbury Crescent Rounds were tasty but a little too greasy.  

Compare the French hot chocolate to my American version. 

Seriously! Adorable!
The copper and porcelain mug was a gift from Bill from William's Sonoma. 

Come back on Tuesday to see more copper in my home tour. 

Finally, I picked up this sweet trinket box when I went to get the lavender. 
It captures the whimsicality of France to perfection. 

J'aime la France!
That is about it, my friends.

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There are some wonderful bloggers on this tour. 

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your French vignettes. I'm crushing on all things French too. Would you believe I named my third daughter J'aimee? She's 37 so that's how long I've been a fan of the French.

  2. Loving the France in your home. I have that Eiffel Tower too -- I keep it out year round -- just moving it from one spot to another! When I went to France I fell in love with it all and like you, did all I could to remember when we returned. I love seeing this!

  3. Who doesn't love some French in their life. Your french ideas are fabulous. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. Katie,
    Williams-Sonoma mail order/online has delicious croissants. They are not budget conscious, but really are the next best thing to being in France. A friend gave me some one Christmas, and I now buy them for myself once or twice each year.


  5. Your French touches are lovely. I remember my mom always having a similar Eiffel Tower in the living room from her travels as a young women. Smart puppy to eat that croissant while it was fresh!
    Looking forward to the Fall in Love with Texas tour.

  6. It's been way too long since I've visited Paris. I enjoyed following your trip on Instagram. Your French touches are just perfect, Katie! Merci, for sharing at Best of the Weekend!