Monday, October 9, 2017

Copper Accents In The Kitchen

I sprinkled some copper accents around the kitchen before we left for France. 
Copper is a perfect metal finish for fall. 

It prompted a redo of the niches in the kitchen. 
All of the green china was pulled off. White and black porcelain dishes now grace the shelves.
The teapots are antiques. 

Two years ago I gave them a very vigorous cleaning. 
Too much of the patina came off and I thought I had ruined them. 
They've tarnished a bit since then and now they look perfect. 

A copper topped Craftsman style lantern was recovered from the trailer before the remodel. 
It looks cute on the tray in the center of the table. I made the tray out of old bed slats. 

Bill fell in love with the Nespresso machines that we used in France. 

The only Nespresso store in Texas is not too far from the bank. 
He was able to look them all over and pick out one for our kitchen.

I used an old glass jar from Kirkland's as capsule storage. 
The top got a little update with copper spray paint. 
The Nespresso capsules are much prettier than K-cups in my opinion. They taste better too. 

The espresso cups and saucers came from Williams Sonoma. 
The creamer and sugar bowl were antique store finds. 
They got polished up too but I dialed back my polishing prowess so they wouldn't be ruined.
The spice cabinet is a precious heirloom from my grandmother. 

The Le Creuset enamel dutch oven was a Christmas gift two years ago. 
It always sits on the stove because it's so pretty. 

A new copper colander was a Tuesday Morning find. 

The porcelain and copper mug was a gift from Bill. He picked it up when he got the espresso cups. It's so cute. He has good taste.

What do you think? 
Do you like copper? 

That's about it for now. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Love your copper accents in your kitchen. Everything looks so cozy and inviting. The lantern and colander and mug say fall to me. The ambience from your candle adds so much. I am crazy about your white footed dish full of tiny white pumpkins. I know the name of the pattern but it won't come to me at the moment. Everything looks great.

  2. Katie,
    Even Bill fell under the spell of France with Nespresso. :) Your copper accents are perfect for fall. Your house always looks so inviting and uncluttered. Seems like I always have a project or two hanging out on some surface.


  3. Your home is so lovely, Katie...and I absolutely love the look of the copper with your black and white!

  4. so pretty, I love your kitchen! I had a pot rack filled with all my copper pieces at the old house, and they are still boxed up somewhere around here. I need to dig around and find them, because you're right, Fall is the perfect time of year to display them!

  5. Your copper pieces are so pretty! It's neat that y'all had to get a Nespresso after your amazing trip. :)

  6. I love the copper! In fact I'd love to have it for myself ;)


  7. That Nespresso machine is so much more charming than a Keurig! Your whole kitchen looks gorgeous.

  8. Oh look at the teapots--antique! I was looking at your copper accents in your kitchen and my mouth was open. These are beautiful.

  9. Your kitchen looks great. I adore copper and I tend to use it most in the fall. Yes, I've been overvigilant on the cleaning in the past too but fortunately, like yours, mine came back. Which reminds me -- I have a piece downstairs I've been meaning to bring up!

  10. Katie, I love your touches of copper and black and white! I do like copper, but I don't own a single piece. Now and then I'm tempted to pick up some, but keep telling myself that I can't start a new collection. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Oh, I love copper accents!! Looks great with the white and the black in your kitchen. I might to have to find some copper pieces at my local flea market very soon.

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