Thursday, October 12, 2017

Twinkle Light Season/ A Tomato Cage Tree

It's October! 
It's twinkle light season. 
I love twinkle lights. 
This project has been all over the internet this season but I pulled some stuff together to make my own fall tree. 

I went out to the front yard and grabbed our tomato cage topiary. 

This is real life, folks. Not to worry. The peace lily has been watered and has already perked back up. 

I wrapped the topiary with a three dollar garland that I got at the thrift store. 

Two berry garlands from my stash were added next. 

Orange twinkle lights and two pumpkin picks were added to the tomato cage. 

I plugged it in - instant festive sparkle. 
I spent $3.00. I love that. 

I don't have massive amounts of Halloween decor but we do have a few favorite things. 

I love, love, love this cat ornament. I got it years ago from a sweet student. 

Our owl lantern was also a thrift store find. 

It is really one of my favorite fall decor items. 
It's vintage and I think I only paid two dollars for it. 

The sweet little black candy container with the vintage graphic is also a favorite. 

Something happened to the original graphic. It fell off and somehow got lost or thrown away. 
I was able to find the graphic on the internet and reprint it. 

I love graphics with black cats. We've had a few black cats over the years. 
They have the best personalities. Supposedly they have Siamese in their lineage and that makes them quirky.
Ours have been quirky but fun. 
You will notice a few black cats in the yard of my Dept. 56 Halloween house. 

This was a splurge the year my brother had his terrible stroke
I craved nostalgia, I think. 
It is still one of my favorite things to set up in October. 

That's it for Halloween decor. 
I'll be back with another post about France. My next post will be about Giverny. 
It was one of my favorite days so I want to take my time writing about it. 
I also have some thoughts on retirement now that we are back from vacation. 
I'm going to share some thoughts about blogging now that I have been at this almost 6 years. 
It may sound complainerish so be prepared.  (Not a word but it works.) 

Thanks for stopping in to have a look. I appreciate each and every one of you. 
Happy Twinkle Season! 


  1. I have never seen the tomato cage tree before. I love it. Must find me one now. Thanks for sharing yours, it looks so pretty.

  2. How fun Katie and clever. Love this. Happy Weekend.

  3. Your fall topiary is great! I need to get out some Halloween stuff.

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