Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas in the Sunroom

Good morning!
Thanks for your amazing response to our Cozy At Christmas blogging event.
I hope that you got a few cozy ideas.

The sunroom or garden room is one of our favorite spaces. 
It's fun to decorate at Christmas because it gets a bit more whimsy than the rest of the house. 

This wreath is one of my favorites. I love, love it on the old window.

The Denver Plaid Throw is from Pottery Barn. My mom made the needlepoint cover. It used to be a seat cover but the edges were worn out. I cut it down a little and made a pillow cover out of it. 

The plaid pillow was made out of a vintage, wool skirt. 
 I bought it, took it to our dry cleaner and asked her to press out the pleats. 
She is always on board with my unusual requests. 

This room is where we put some red. Too much red gets on my nerves after a while but it looks gorgeous out here with all the white.

The tree has a German feel. It is decorated with elves, vintage Santas, candle ornaments and mushrooms.  

The Santa stocking holder was a clearance buy. My vintage childhood stocking hangs from it. 
I assume my mom knit our stockings but I could be wrong. 
Little known fact - I went by the name, Kathy until I left for college. My sister and a friend had started calling me K.T. in H.S. I went with that when I left the house. 

My Dept. 56 house is very much like my grandparent's house in Milwaukee.

The plaid collection is housed out in this room as well.
Vintage elves frolic on the tins.

The vintage stockings in the photo below belonged to my grandparents.
They are from the 1940s. They're so cute, cute, cute!
I've seen similar on eBay, just FYI.

I appreciate all of you.
Have a wonderful day.

Here is where I party:


  1. Oh wow, Kathy, (I mean Katie) lol! having your grandparents stockings is fabulous. I love them! Also love the wreath on the old window. You know I am crazy about plaid tins! I found a little elf at a thrift shop yesterday. It's just like one of a set of 3 I had when we were first married.

  2. I just love your sunroom! I love how light and bright it is and your collectibles are perfect there.

  3. I always love seeing your sunroom, and all that plaid is perfect for Christmas. How fun that you have your family stockings, so cute. I understand your feelings for red. I can only do it for a while, too.

  4. Love your sun room ... I may just have to copy your wreath on the old window. Really enjoying your Cozy At Christmas blogging event. Thanks for hosting.
    Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Tudo lindo muito lindo. Feliz semana.

  6. If I lived in your house I would spend every single waking moment in this room and I would never, ever take down the Christmas! Especially the wreath in the window frame. What a glorious room. I swoon.

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