Friday, March 2, 2018

Claude Monet's House

One of my favorite things about France was Giverny. 
Walking in Monet's garden was amazing.

We also got to go into his house




Alice's bedroom: 

I just adore the furniture. 


Copies of his Japanese art collection lined the walls. 

Monet's bedroom: 

The dining room:


When Claude Monet died, his son Michel inherited the property. Because he had no interest in it, the daughter of his second wife became the caretaker. 
When Michel died the property was bequeathed to the Académie des Beaux Arts. They didn't have the money to do a restoration at that time but the roof was repaired and the art was moved. 
In 1977 a restoration of the garden and property commenced. The property opened to the public on June 1, 1980. 

Giverny is 75 kilometers from Paris. 
We rented a car but trains and buses are available.
You can get your tickets early on-line to avoid the line. 

This was a magical experience. 

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I might be visiting these parties:


  1. I LOVE that hilltop view of the house. Never saw that angle before! You got to take photos in the HOUSE? When I was there we couldn't do that and I was so frustrated because I wanted to record every single detail. My favorite rooms were the kitchen and dining room. If you could just transport those to Michigan now, please! I adored the blue and white tile and all the Hiroshige prints. Biggest sigh. How I love this post -- and this place.

  2. Katie,
    Giverny is one of my favorite places in France. Seeing your photos was like a mini-tour of France.


  3. How Wonderful !!!!! to walk through Claude Monet's house and you even got to take pictures.
    I have a cookbook with his picture on it just like you posted also his yellow kitchen and all the gorgeous blue and white tiles and dishes on his table.
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures

  4. What a beautiful place. How wonderful to see how he lived and what his home and gardens were like. Happy Friday Katie.

  5. If I ever get there I would love to visit the home and grounds.

  6. This is so beautiful! I love all the colors.

  7. What a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for sharing the house and your travel.