Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ten On The Tenth/Must Have Decor Item

Have you heard of selective mutism? 
It is when a child has some anxiety issues and refuses to talk to others except their close family. 
I've had a few students with it. 
I think I had it but back in the day, people just called me shy. Some people called me painfully shy.

One of my favorite decor items is a little shy. 

It doesn't like to stand out or take center stage. 

It doesn't like to draw attention to itself. Instead it lets something else take center stage and be the star of the show. 

It's an item that retails well below $10.00. 

It comes it various sizes and finishes.

It's definitely reusable.

It has been used for every season and holiday. 

Demure, understated but the undisputed star of the show. 

It's shy but dependable - much like me.
Plate easels or art easels are an essential decor item in my decorating repertoire.
 They retail for around $4.99.   
I've seen some at Pier 1 but I get mine from Tuesday Morning. 
There you have it.
Stop by and see the other participants for Ten on the 10th.


  1. Good morning! I LOVE this clever post. Sometimes we forget about the simple things that can make a big impact.


  2. Katie, I got you added and this post is CLEVER! What would we do without those plate holders and easels!

  3. Love it! And yes, I remember one sweet little girl who started in my preschool class a month late and never spoke. She was delightful and did everything in class except speak up. She had a huge smile and plenty of playmates. Her mom assured me that she did speak at home. One day I was at Hobby Lobby and a child shopping with her mom in a nearby aisle had a really deep, loud voice. Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be my quiet little friend. I guess we all show different sides of ourselves in different situations.

  4. You are so skilled at little vignettes and I like what you've done! What would we do without plate stands? I have them in all shapes and sizes and out of various materials. They really are a necessity. :)

  5. What a cute post - I was trying to figure it out along the way, but you certainly had me going! I have quite a few and love using them!

  6. Katie, I have often used easels for display and they are a great item to have on hand. A really cute approach to our Ten on the 10th.

  7. Easels are must in my home as well Katie! I was a shy child as well, but not that ad. Your displays are so sweet and you had me guessing as to what it might be. :)

  8. I was trying to guess while looking at these super pretty vignettes! And you are right--easels are great, especially if you like to collect beautiful plates as I do.

    Thank you from one shy girl to another! :)


  9. Katie I love your hidden treasure. It is so necessary and does all the work while keeping a discreet distance from center stage. You have a beautiful collection of plates as well.

  10. Such a darling and clever post! Plate stands are indeed a necessity. You had me scanning every photo! Lovely vignettes!

  11. At first I thought you were talking about plates, because I have that addiction, too...but the plate easel! YES!! What an unsung hero of decor. I love it!

  12. I was guessing that was it! I use mine constantly!

  13. It's always the small things that turn out so handy.

  14. They are a necessity! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend, Katie!