Monday, June 25, 2018

Our Blue and White Summer Kitchen

Years ago, our neighbor had a blue and white kitchen. In a sea of avocado green, harvest gold and orange, she had something totally different for the era. I've never forgotten and I was always inspired by it.

You may have noticed the blue and white slipping into our decor. 
It started in the living room. It morphed into the dining room and kitchen. 
The kitchen was sprinkled with some items that had been in storage. Several good pieces had been in the bookcase in Bill's office.
It's all out and on display in our summer kitchen.

Sunlight streams into the kitchen at about 9:00 in the morning. After that it is gone. White cabinets and light walls have helped brighten it up without natural light.

The kitchen shelves are about 4 years old.
  We put them up when our old gigantic cabinet started separating and potentially sending the front, doors, shelves and dishes crashing to the floor.
Since installing the shelves, they have been filled with just white china and a few pieces of colored glassware.

This is the first time they have had a pop of color.

I like it.
We rarely use the stuff on the top shelf so it can be used for decorative storage.

The Blue Willow belonged to my grandmother.

I went old school and groovy with the Pathos ivy in the jar.

It's so simple and on trend again. It's just cut and rooting in a Prego Spaghetti Sauce jar.
No money spent. Pathos Ivy is the easiest house plant to grow.

The dining room redo, was the impetus for pulling out our original set of everyday china.
It is Denmark by Franciscan.

For some reason our bowls didn't survive. Replacements, Ltd. had bowls but they were $20.00 a piece. Instead, I ordered Indies Blue by Johnson Brothers. They coordinate perfectly! They were only  $7.99.

A darling vintage vase gets filled with tea roses when we have them. The rose bush quit producing a little early this year because it's been so hot.
The cow creamer also belonged to my grandmother.
The sugar bowl is Florentine by Crown Ducal. It was my step-mom's pattern. I love it.

The niches in the eating area got a sprinkling of blue and white.
This was another big bank of cabinets. Read this early blog post about how I transformed it.

It's more to dust but I love having stuff on display.

Vintage and antique Straw Flower china is mixed with the classic Blue Onion pattern.
The Calico by Staffordshire plates were thrift store finds. The Mason's Vista plate was a steal at the antique mall.

Thanks for having a look at our summer kitchen where the sunlight is fleeting but the china is so cute! 

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love all the blue and white.

  2. I love the clean look of white cabinets and blue and white china with blue glass.With white cabinets, it's so easy to change seasons with colorful china and accessories.

  3. Your kitchen looks fresh and beautiful, Katie. Blue and white is perfectly at home in there.

  4. Katie,
    Of course I love all your blue and white. Blue and white is timeless.


  5. Very pretty Katie. Love the blue in your fresh kitchen. Mine is so cluttered, I need to think about making some changes.

    Audrey Z.

  6. Very fresh looking and so pretty! I just love blue and white, especially the darker blues. My kitchen has been cobalt blue and white since 1998 and I still love it!

  7. Your blue and white is lovely. I recently bought some blue and white plates to hang on the wall.

  8. Your kitchen is so open and lovely and bright. You are motivating me to be rid of some of my kitchen clutter! I do love the blue and white and your china patterns are wonderful.

  9. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Between the white, the open shelves and the lovely blue and white china I'm in heaven! Would love to have you join in at our Vintage Charm party tomorrow morning! Hope to see you there! xo Kathleen