Monday, June 11, 2018

My First Canning Experience

I had a brilliant idea. 
I decided to make our own lower sugar jam.

My jam was going to be legendary.

How hard could it be?
Canning has always been on my bucket list. I considered it the climbing Mt. Everest of the kitchen realm.
I was determined to conquer this elusive task.  
With YouTube, everything is doable.
Oh dear.

This wasn't an epic fail but it wasn't exactly a success.

I washed my jars and sterilized my lids.

About eight cups of berries were pureed. They were set to boil with 3 cups sugar and 1/4 cup lemon juice.

According to the recipe, this was supposed to set up after boiling for 10 minutes.
It took about an hour.

I added more strawberries near the end of cooking time to make it chunkier.

Research and the proper tools would have been helpful at this point.
The pot of water needed to be heating while I was stirring the jam. The recipe didn't say to do this. A frantic search for YouTube videos did say this but by this point it was too late. It took a long time for my water bath to heat.
Toward the end of the canning process, I realized I didn't have the proper tool to lift the jars out of the bath.
I came up with something that worked - sort of.
One of my jars tumped over so it went back into the bath. The other didn't seal so it went back into the bath.

At the end of five hours of jam making, one jar was sealed. Two didn't seal.
The jam in the unsealed jars needs to be eaten within the next two weeks.

That won't be a problem because it is delicious.  
This isn't a process that I'll be repeating until I do some more research and we have the proper tools.
It was fun, though.


  1. Try No Cook Freezer Jam. SUPER easy and Delicious!!

  2. It looks really good, Katie. And make some raspberry bars (Ina has a great recipe) but use the strawberry jam and that will take care of at least one of those jars! Maybe a bit of the other too, with enough left for toast. I admire your fortitude and courage!

  3. Buy a box of Sure Gel.I think that there is a low sugar recipe on box. I never had failed jam/preserves when using it. It does set up fast, so no cooking for one hour. So glad you tried it because canning can be fun!