Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Keep In Touch #27

Hi all, 
Welcome to this weeks link up. I hope you are having a great summer. 

I've been looking to fill a hole or two in my dish dresser. 
I hopped down to Cleburne, Texas which is one of my favorite antiquing towns. 

If you get a chance, the Bus Depot is a must see. 

I always find a gem or two.

 The old building at The Red Horse Antique Mall is always intriguing. 

It's three floors. Watching your step is a must. 

Another favorite shop is Heritage Home Vintage Inspired Living. 

Let me know what you think about this. The shabby, vintage and white stuff was all upstairs. 
The downstairs was all unpainted furniture. 

Does this mean the painted furniture trend is on its way out? 

I thought these vintage school posters were adorable. 
It almost made me want to teach again - I quickly got over it. 

This dish towel is so me. 

We headed out to the lake for the weekend. 

Floating, boating and birding seemed to be the focus of the weekend. 

I love these blue running lights on this dock. 

That's it for me. 

Our feature this week is Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home

I love her Patriotic inspiration. Her house is perfection and you should check it out. 

Now for the link up. 


  1. I've never been to Cleburne, Katie, but I'm sure I'd love it. I have a washstand similar to that painted one, which I dragged home from an antique store, when we were newlyweds. I'm so glad that I've never painted it! Thanks so much for hosting and hope you're having a great week.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting and thanks for visiting!!

  3. I have the urge to go shopping, but it's too darn hot! So I enjoyed seeing your visit to Cleburne. Love the lake -- looks cool -- !!! Thanks for hosting.

  4. Thanks Katie for sharing such great collectibles store photos. Love the features. Thank you for Keep in Touch, appreciated.

  5. Oh wow what a pleasant surprised to be featured here Kate, thank you!

    I would love to check out that shop! I have several antiques and vintage shops and market posts in my Let's Go Junkin' series. One of my favorites is Vintage Marketplace in Wilmington, NC. We are headed to the beach this week and I will be doing another post on the shop when I get back. It is full of treasures! You can find the post in my sidebar in the Let's Go Junkin' series if you like finding out about other vintage shops too.

    From what I have seen, the painted furniture is definitely not on it's way out, but unpainted furniture has made a big comeback. But now the trend is to mix woods and whites or painted furniture with unpainted or even stripped bare wood, which I really love because you get a bit of that shabby vintage look and the warmth and feel of authentic antiques with the wood tones as well.

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. Thanks for hosting your party with all the great inspiration. That place in Texas you go too looks pretty amazing. Hope your summer is going great.

  7. That towel is totally the best! As for the furniture, I don't follow the trends. I use what I like, painted or wood. I think it depends on your home, your style, what matters to you and not what is in this year or out!

  8. The lake looks divine! Thanks for hosting each week, Katie.

  9. Thanks for hosting, Katie. Sorry I am so late. I really don't think that painted furniture is on its way out. Not with how popular Farmhouse style is. I have a little of both, as I think most people do and the best rule to follow, anyway, is what you like. Happy Week to you..xxoJudy