Thursday, July 12, 2018

What I'm Wearing/Fashion Over 50

It's all about the summer dress around here. 
How's the weather where you are? 
The summer dress is a perfect "keep cool" fashion icon. 
I've spent the past few summers putting together a collection of cute dresses. 

Walmart chambray dress, Ralph Lauren sandals, vintage Gucci crossbody bag. 

I really prefer a dress to shorts. In Texas, jeans, leggings and even capri pants are a "no go" for me. 
It's just too hot here for that. 

Walmart dress, dolce vita sandals, vintage Epi Petite Noe - Louis Vuitton

It got hot extremely early this year. 
We had a fairly cool spring but then it hit the upper 90s right after Memorial Day and that is where the temperatures have hovered.

Gap Outlet tee shirt dress, Thalia Sodi sandals (Macy's last year) Discontinued Louis Vuitton Musette Tango

Dresses are comfortable. 

Gap Outlet tee shirt dress, DSW flip flops, vintage Gucci crossbody bag, Ray Ban Aviators-Black, Green Classic

The length covers up my spider veins. 
(The doctor says their removal is purely for vanity sake. Ummm, I know!) 
I prefer that my dresses skim the knee. 

Max Studio dress, Italian Shoemaker sandals

I've found cute dresses at Nordstrom Rack. 

Soprano swing dress from Nordstrom Rack, Thalia Sodi sandals, Louis Vuitton Montaigne P.M. from our Paris trip. 

Walmart has cute dresses. 

Walmart embroidered dress, Michael Kors sandals, vintage Coach saddle bag. 

My "go to" dresses this year are some tee shirt dresses that I found at the Gap Outlet. 

Gap Outlet tee shirt dress, DSW flip flops, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Damier Azur
There are some shorts in my wardrobe. I love, love some peach ripped shorts from Walmart. 

Walmart shorts, Black 14th & Union tee shirt, Steve Madden Sandals, vintage Dior Trotter Pochette, Ray Ban Club Master-Black, Green Classic
(The sandals were a fail as they stained my feet.)

Thrifted Dress remake, Kate Spade crossbody, Michael Kors sandals
If you are blessed with more height than I, the maxi dress may be more your thing.
What are you wearing?
Thanks for stopping in to view my collection of selfies! Haha.

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  1. I don't know how much "over 50" that you are, but you sure look cute in all of them. From someone who is "alot over 50", take it from me. When you still have the pretty arms and the pretty legs wear it all. And you do fall into that category. I love all the dresses, but believe it or not, my most favorite are the shorts and the black tee. Stunning!!..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  2. You cutie! I like everything you shared. I keep wearing capris and jeans rolled up. It's hot though!! I do have a few pairs of shorts...well maybe two pairs that I like. By the way, I got those little shots in my legs for the spider veins. I did have to pay but it actually wasn't that much.

  3. Oh I love all of your dresses! You have such a nice collection of them and they look great on you. I like the shorts and tee shirt color combo!! :)

  4. All are really cute dresses and you wear them so well! I wish I could -- I can't and it sometimes makes me a little sad!

  5. Love the Gap dresses - they look super comfy! And those Michael Kors sandals... love! You have a serious purse addiction though... LOL I definitely need to invest in summer dresses. I find myself wearing the same shorts over and over.

  6. Love them all! I agree that WalMart has some really cute clothes -- I buy from them a lot and people are always surprised when I tell them where I've bought it. My go-to has been tennis skirts/skorts these past few summers and I love it. Cute, comfy and easy peasy. Dresses look great on you! xo Kathleen

  7. You look so pretty, Katie! I love summer dresses, too!

  8. Okay you are going to make me go to Walmart! Haven't been in a long time but I was just visiting a girlfriend who had some of the cutest outfits all from WM. Love the shorts too!

  9. I am the same as you - been gathering sundresses for the last few years. I seem to wear a different one each day. We're headed to 100° + weather this weekend on our road trip and sundresses are the only thing that keep me cool.

  10. Well You look very cute in all of them and love your bag collection also.My favorite is the navy and white striped dress gap outlet.
    If My arms wasn't sagging so much I would wear dresses everyday in this heat. I'm over 60

  11. Katie your fun and practical fashions are my feature this week over on Sweet Inspiration. Because there is no reason you cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same time.