Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Farmhouse Painting/Christmas Hall 2018

Some of our art gets switched out for seasons and holidays. 
My painting stash is in one of the guest room closets. 
We invited some new friends over for dinner one evening. After dinner they wanted a tour of the house. When we were upstairs in Jonnie's bedroom, Bill opened the art, pillow, Christmas, and throw closet. I nearly died. In the essence of true friendship our friends showed us one of their guest rooms closets at a subsequent visit.
We're even.

I wanted something for above my recliner in the living room. 
I'd been eyeing some barn paintings on various blogs and on Pinterest and painting a snow covered barn seemed like a fun activity. 

Bill picked up a canvas for me and I pulled out all my paints. 
The canvas got a coat of white as a base coat. 

I searched on Pinterest and found a photo of a barn in the snow. 
I liked the tree line. A zig zag, less than perfect line of trees was painted. 
My preschool teacher craft skills bubbled to the fore when I sketched out the beginnings of a barn. 
Barn siding and doors were added next. 

As It took shape, it began to look like the carriage house turned garage at our turn of the last century house in New Rochelle, New York.  Ours wasn't a white barn. It was brown but the outline of the painting was the same as my memory. We called the little lean to portion "the studio."
I love this memory of our old home. It makes it a little more special.
Abstract barn paintings and the initial photograph were periodically re-checked for details like snowy drifts.

Black paint was used to outline the barn and studio. I added details to the trees.

I hung it up behind my chair and didn't like it.

I was going to stick it in the aforementioned closet but Bill wanted me to hang it.

It looked good in the hall with my black Hunter rain boots, black jackets and one of my scarves. I even left the red dog leash out.
After a few days. I took it down and added some swirls to the sky. The snowy roof was toned down as well.

The dog comes running for a W-A-L-K when the leash is staged for blogging.

The tool box got some simple cedar greens.

I kept the painting un-Christmasy so that it can hang here all winter.

I like the graphic simplicity of this hall.
What do you think?

I hope to get better at this.
I'll share it when I do.
Thanks for stopping by.


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  2. I love that this is monochromatic, Katie. It looks especially nice in your home. And the composition really works, the treeline, the "thirds." (And yes, I die when I think of the guest room closet being opened. I'm afraid something will fall out and hurt someone. Because it has before and the someone was me!