Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Red PIck Ups In The Powder Bath

When my brothers and I were little, we lived in a house with a gravel driveway. 
One summer when it was about time for a new load of gravel, we took all of their cars and trucks and created massive streets and highways. They must have had small houses from the train set to add to it as well. Since I was the only girl, I had to play what they were playing or I played alone. 
(The cat nor the baby brother enjoyed being dressed like a doll.)
We had the best time creating our own city. 

 Once I've given myself a BOLO order, it may take a while for me to un-BOLO. 
I've been on the look out for a little toy pick up truck. These fetch high prices in my area. 
Texans love their pick up trucks. 
A vintage toy pick up from the 50s, 60s, or 70s runs about $75.00 - $100.00. I'm not doing it. 
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Almost as soon as I bought that pick up, I found a little red Ford at the thrift store. It's not that old  but it's been loved. It still had mud on it from the sandbox. 

I decided to decorate our powder bath in the red pick up theme that is everywhere this Christmas.  
Five trucks in five different mediums are showcased in this little bath.
I'm not sure why but I like the challenge of that. 

Once Santa and the truck were placed on the shelf next to an IKEA pitcher of cedar, I drew out a front facing truck in chalk. 

Before you pick up a balloon bouquet at Dollar Tree in my honor, please note that I saw this on Pinterest under chalk board inspiration. 
I'm not that good as to come up with the lines from a 1958 Ford. 

The next art piece was easy. Pinterest again led me to a printable on Etsy. 

Here is the link for the seller.
It's an instant download for $2.99. We had the chalk paint frame.

For the fourth element, my Cricut was brought out of the recesses of the closet and dusted off.

This die cut was free which totally justifies the cost of a Cricut.
Rolling eyes now.

For the last element, I remade a wreath we had in the Christmas closet.

A Dollar Tree truck ornament got bit of a deconstruction for the project.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like looking at a wreath when you are on the potty. 

Santa's came from the Green Flea in NYC.
He's thrilled with his classic new ride.

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  1. My husband and I have fallen in love with the red truck and tree design this Christmas season.

  2. This is too cute Katie. I just love all the cute red trucks. So festive.

  3. Hello! !
    Today I decorated the Christmas tree. I really enjoyed it! Every year I get very excited, I decorate the Christmas tree and it begins to feel like Christmas. I think this year's Christmas tree is also very beautiful.

  4. Katie,
    Adorable truck decorations in your bathroom...


  5. I love your little trucks and the chalkboard is especially cute!