Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Merry Month Of May

Hello, Darlings. 
How are you? 
It's my 60th birthday month. I'm not really looking forward to 60. I didn't love 40. 50 was okay but 60 may be the hardest so far. The other milestone birthdays have a cute poem.
If you know one for 60, let me know. If not, I may need to make one up. 
I've decided to try to do something fun every day this month. 
On May 1st, I went to the thrift store and Hobby Lobby. 

I like the paint on this French Styled table. 

I didn't buy anything at Hobby Lobby and I found this darling creamer at the thrift store. 

On May second, I was headed to another thrift store and the grocery store when I was rear ended. 

The picture below is foam from his car in my trailer hitch. 

Truck vs Sedan. Guess who wins. 
Unfortunately, he had no license or insurance. The police were called. EMS took my blood pressure at the scene which was crazy high. 

By the time we were all done. He was ticketed and his car was towed to impound. 
I started to have pain in my neck and back by the time I got home. I called my doctor and they suggested I go to the emergency room. Three hours later the discharge room was a welcome sight. 
Xrays showed no new damage. I was sent home with muscle relaxants and Ibuprofen. I took a great nap. 

I encourage everyone to find a doctor. The wait was longer because sick people are using the emergency room as a doctor's office. 
Bill took good care of me. I got a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card and was relieved of my laundry and food chores until Saturday night. 

On May 3, I wanted to get back to my merry month of May, so I stopped in at another thrift store. 
I'm on the hunt for bee related items to go with a handmade bee skep. I found a book with good graphics for 50 cents. 

Friday night Bill and I went to our favorite Mexican Food restaurant. The wait was 45 minutes so we decided to go to our third tier favorite.  
We had a lovely conversation with a younger couple. They wanted to know the secret to a long marriage. It was very encouraging. I hope we encouraged them. 

I walked around our antique mall on Saturday. 
I didn't find a thing but I loved this pink plumber's cabinet. 
On Sunday, Bill and I drove out to Canton for First Monday Trade Days. 

We walked around for about 3 hours. I found a bee skep pepper shaker. 
I also found this amazing blue and white pitcher for $5.00. 

I had an appointment with an adjusted to get the truck looked at on May 6th. 
It doesn't quite meet up with the fun quotient, so I popped into one of my favorite antique malls in Haltom City once I was finished with the adjuster. 
LoneStar Antiques off of Denton Hwy. is amazing.  
I found an adorable honey pot 

and this pull toy from the 1950s. 

Can you even believe it? 
How cute is this? 

The truck is getting a new bumper. Insurance will cover a small portion because of our deductible but because we tow the boat and the trailer, we have to get the bumper off so they can have a look at the trailer hitch. 
This is terrible for Bill because it is fishing season. 
I hope that it doesn't take long to get the truck repaired. 

If you remember, I struggled with neck, back and shoulder pain all last summer and fall. 
I went to therapy and got some exercises. I have done pretty regularly. That experience may have been a blessing in disguise, because even though I was sore last week, it wasn't terrible. I think all those exercises really protected me. 
I was also very thankful that I drive a truck.
I'll be back later for Keep In Touch. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

I may be linking to these fun parties. 

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  1. Hi Katie: Sorry about your accident. Sounds like your excersises helped you out. Love your treasures especiall that gorgeous little b/w pitcher and the Bee. I thought I had the little bee too,but I don't. I have a frog and a turtle. Looks like Fisher-Price. When I was working and Jake was little, I spent a lot of time on E-Bay buying toys for the room we fixed up for him here. Hubby wants me to sell but I sure hope I can keep them if I get lucky to have a great-grand..Happy Birthday year! and thanks for your visit. Everybody that comments now to me comes as a nocomment blogger so I can't leave thank you's as normal. It is what it is and I will be back for the party..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. I was thinking of your previous injury the second I read you were rear ended. I know when that happened to me eons ago the neck was hurting. Glad you were in the big vehicle but what a shame it had to happen at all. Also relieved you are doing OK. I do like your antiquing trips and you found some wonderful pieces! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. So sorry about your accident! I sure do love those bee illustrations! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!