Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Keep In Touch #74

I'm sorry. I forgot! 
How could I do that? 
It has been a busy week. I'll explain it all in a day or two. 
For now, I'm just going to have the link up. I'll have to chose a feature and post it with my life update. 

Thank you for understanding. 
Here is a teaser photo. 

I'm sorry the photo isn't that great. Do not get too attached (like I did) because they didn't accept our offer. 
It was soooo cute.
Original hardwood floors, sunroom, gorgeous yard! 
I've got paint all over me as we finish up some things around here so if we do find "the one" we will be ready.
FYI - I don't know if you read Debra at Common Ground but it was about the same age as her new house. 
Thank you for being the best readers and understanding. 

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  1. Oh Katie, that fireplace is adorable, and the wall color!!! Is that the one that got away? Did I miss the post where you told us you were looking at something? gosh! well, there's a lot to be said for the older houses, once you get past all the updates they are so charming. Can't wait to hear about what you're doing!

  2. I love so many things you posted this week! It's good to be back!

  3. Sorry this cute house got away but hopefully that means that there is another one waiting for you to buy and love it.

  4. Did I miss something?? Are you trying to find a new home? Anyway, the fireplace is so pretty! Thanks for hosting and I hope you'll have a happy week.

  5. Don't feel bad about life getting in the way. I thought I had another week until the Pinterest challenge and almost missed it altogether! There has been a lot going on around here too!

    So sorry about the one that got away. There was one right before "the yellow brick home" that I was crazy about, but someone bought it before we sold ours. We bought this one, and a new blog was born around it, which changed my life for the better. Something perfect will come along for you!

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. I'm so sorry about the house. It's hard when this happens. Something better is out there waiting for you.

    Never apologize for your life.


  7. Hi Katie, that's OK because I forgot too. Better late than never though. Happy Thursday..Judy