Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Summer Lanterns And A Pinterest Challenge

I just love using lanterns during the winter to warm things up during the holidays and after when the holiday sparkle is all put away. 
What about lanterns used in summer decor?
I want to give a big thanks to Cindy of County Road 407. The Pinterest Challenge is her smart idea. She chooses a photo on Pinterest, gets permission for us to use the photo as a spring board for our own design.
If you are coming from Decorate and More With Tip, welcome. I love her unique and cute lantern.  

This gorgeous photo is by Kelley Nan. She shared it two years ago as a part of her summer home tour
What struck me initially, was the use of background blur or bokeh. It is stunning. Bokeh is the Japanese art of blurring the background in photography. 
The lantern on the hearth is an essential element in this image. The plant in the background is key as well. 

I knew that I needed to reverse the photo based on what is to the left of our hearth.  

My boring recliner is now a fixture in our living room since my shoulder pain last summer. 
It's not photo shoot worthy and it may be ugly but I love it! 

At least the staircase is in the image like Kelley's. 

The lantern is new. It came from the Raz Import Warehouse sale last week. It is a wonderful, large size for only $30.00. I was staring at it and another customer said I should buy it, so I did. 
My plants are some peace lilies that got repotted this spring. One of them actually was divided as well. They are doing great since they have more room in their pots. 

Let's put it back the other way. It's more balanced with the trio of candlesticks on the mantel. 
This has been my "go to" arrangement on the mantel. It's neutral and serene with fun, chippy elements. It is asymmetrical which drives some people crazy but it's what I like. 

My bokeh practice was in full force but it just wasn't happening for me. 

There are tips and tricks on the internet but they failed me this time. 

I really think I need a different lens. 

I'll just wow you with cuteness instead. Here is a link to my summer home tour, if you want to see more of the room. 

Here are some other ways that we have used lanterns in our summer decor. 

A lantern filled with shells is just too cute. 

Lanterns on the deck are essential for mosquito protection. 

I'm a firm believer that things are cuter under glass. 

When you are camping, lanterns are a must. 

I've even turned a bird house into a lantern. 

Wait a minute. Is that bokeh? 
A little bit. 

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Then hop on over and visit Laura at Decor To Adore and all the other bloggers on the tour. I can't wait to see what they share. 
How are your bokeh skills? 
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  1. True summer lantern love! You always have the cutest wee touches. I spy that sweet swan, wonderful wheelbarrow and much more.

  2. Love the lantern you on your hearth. I would have snatched it up in a second. You have beautiful collection of lanterns. The one filled with shells is a beauty.


  3. Katie I love your mantel and how you have it styled. That large lantern is so pretty and a great feature on the hearth. I love all your lanterns you shared. I love using lanterns as well. Great piece to display in any home style.

  4. The lantern that you purchased for your hearth is the perfect size to display there. I also like the lanterns that you use on your porch.

  5. Katie, I love your fireplace and how your lantern looks with it. Actually, I love how all of your lanterns look! I usually learn something new each time I visit your blog. Like today, I had know idea what Bokeh was! Thanks for sharing and joining us!

  6. Katie, I see I need to study your lantern vignettes. Truth is, I don't have any except the one I created, though I have many candles. Love how you've used all of yours!!! Very pretty! I love the new one you have for your fireplace hearth ~ it's a nice size and looks lovely on either side. :)

    Barb :)

  7. Love the new lantern... and I had a few issues with my photos, too... but didn't have time to retake them. Oh well... c'est la vie! ;-) Pinned to my summer decor board!

  8. Hi Katie! You are quite the lantern aficionado! I absolutely love the style of lantern you used for this post and the way you styled it with a trio of candles. That other customer was right to tell you to buy it. (I love it when people encourage my shopping habits like that.) Thanks for sharing all your lantern vignettes. Great ideas! It's been fun hopping with you.

  9. Awfully pretty, Katie. I love using lanterns year round, especially outside or on the porch with the candlelight as the sun goes down. The look especially lovely on your hearth.

  10. I love all your lanterns, Katie! I have a few here and there, and love using the battery operated timer candles in them.

  11. Katie, I love this lantern with the wood base and the metal top. It's great that you can get so many candles inside. All the lanterns are awesome home decor items and you've styled them beautifully.

  12. Katie you are so funny, I just enjoy your blog so much! I love your pretty photos and your beautiful lantern. The plants are fabulous too!

    I really love the lantern with seashells too, it is all beautiful.

    So happy to join you for the challenge. Happy summer!

  13. Your mantel is so pretty. I just love the woodwork and brick details!