Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Keep In Touch #75

Hi all, 
How are you? 
I've been painting. 
"I can paint for miles and miles." keeps running through my head. 
We're a little in limbo since we are thinking about moving and our house needs some attention. 
Our powder room is now Repose by Sherwin Williams. 
We have 28 doors in this house. I'd started painting them about 6 years ago and then ran out of steam by the time I got down to the last 6 or so. I have one left. 
The baseboards needed a touch up too. 
Jonnie's room was painted in 2011. Paint begins to look dingy after a while even though it's only the two of us. Yesterday I painted his room Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. 
My landscape guy doesn't do bigger construction projects for me. I called the same guy who did the fence to fix our retaining wall. It needed more repair than I thought. 
Another guy came and repaired and painted some stuff on the second story. 
We still have to deal with some foggy windows. We also need to address our terrible grout. 
We are plugging away at it all that way if we find something we will be ready to list our house.
That's the update on that.
To read the full story see this post.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting each week, Katie!!

  2. You’re really getting things done, Katie. Yes, you’ll be ready if the right house shows up. Thanks for hosting your party for us!

  3. Sounds like you guys are in full on house-prep mode. You have something great coming up! I love keeping track of what you all are up to. Thanks for having us over each week.

  4. Thanks for throwing a party for us each week. Hope you enjoy the Fourth!

  5. Thanks for hosting, Katie. It does take a lot of work to get a house ready to sell. When you find your special place you will be ready..Happy 4th..Judy

  6. Carpet cleaning companies will steam clean your grout for you if you're talking about the grout in your tile floor.

  7. Thanks Katie for hosting this party. I love seeing all the fun inspiration and projects.
    Happy 4th.

  8. You have been working hard and that's alot of doors. Things are getting done so when you find you perfect house you'll be ready.

    Enjoy your 4th


  9. Katie,
    "Mr. Ed" and I have been doing some much needed updates here on the Prairie,
    but not at the rate you are going, friend!
    We are painting, having windows cleaned and replacing hardware.
    Think a move may be in our future, also. . .looking at possibly two years from now.
    Thanks for the updates on your home and house hunting.
    Best wishes.

  10. Looking pretty! Hoping to join in next week!

  11. Thanks for hosting this link party and have a Happy 4th of July.