Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Keep In Touch #78

Hello, Darlings. 
How are you this afternoon? 
We are good over here. 
Dixie is doing well. She's got one more day of antibiotics. 
To read her story, see this post

Bill went out to the lake to his happy place. 

Dixie and I stayed home. I just didn't think taking her to the lake was a good idea. She was quite oozy. Gross, I know. 
We really rested, though. I got some sunflower inspiration going. 

The sunflower picture is from Graphic's Fairy. 
My flowers are languishing in this heat. It's going to be 101 today. The humidity is insane. 
That is why I long for some cooler temps. 

Our floors are in the works. We had the tile ripped out three weeks ago. We had flooring picked out and all we needed to do was order it, let it acclimate and start installing. I realized this was insanity. Our floors aren't perfect after the tile removal. Tiling the bathroom by myself nearly put me over the edge. Bill and I could spend the next three months laying the floor and baseboards or we could get all done by the professionals. 
We have opted for the professionals so we got recommendations and looked at their reviews. 
We picked up samples and had the house measured. We went back and forth about which rooms to carpet and which would be wood. In the end, we are not getting any carpet at this time.
 I just could not get excited about carpet. Our current carpet has matted so much that I'm over it. It's only 7 years old. There are no stains - none. It doesn't matter because it looks terrible and it's only 8 years old. There are only two of us living here. It wasn't top of the line but it was above the middle grade. 
 So the wood will be in the entry, hall, study, dining and living room. It will go up the stairs (no more vacuuming!!) into the game room and the master. 

The kitchen, Rebekah's and Jonnie's rooms will stay as they are for now. 
The have our down payment. It's being ordered and when it comes in our sales rep will line up the installers. It's great when they say that they want a certain team because they do a good job. He wants the team that are experts for the stairs. I do too! 
That will be a game changer for our house. 
Rather than live with upheaval. The house is put back together. They will move all the furniture. I just have to pack up the knick knacks. I don't have knick knacks. Haha. 

I've had a wonderful time doing some pre-fall crafting. 

I painted buffalo checks on a Dollar Tree pumpkin. 
I am in love with this little thing. 
It turns out I couldn't have gotten something similar for $1.80 from Hobby Lobby but what's the fun in that? 

Now for our features. 

First up is from A Day Of Small Things. 
Read the beautiful story of how they got their princess and the the road she has traveled since then. 

Next up is this from Dinner At Eight
I'm pulling out warmer summer tones so this post was very timely. I love, love that vintage china pattern. 

 Finally, here are some tips for shopping the World's Longest Yard Sale. 
It's a great post about one of my bucket list excursions. 
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  1. Katie, thanks so much for featuring my hot summer colors table! I love to mix vintage pieces with contemporary style. Especially when the pieces have a personal story.
    I am flabbergasted that you've undertaken so much renovation -- and that you did so much yourself. I'm such a perfectionist it's usually a better choice for us to hire professionals, lol!

  2. I'm glad to hear Dixie is doing well and that you and the other dog owner handled this whole situation so well. Good luck with all of your renovations. You really are in it up to your eyeballs!

  3. I'm happy to hear that your Dixie is doing well, Katie. Good for you in hiring professionals to do the flooring. You and Bill have done so much, and you deserve some help. Thanks for hosting!

  4. You have been so busy with home renovations. I hope they are finished soon!

  5. Sweet Dixie, so glad she's better. And bravo for going the route of a team to install the floors. You guys need to take it easy and keep the stress down. Thanks for having us over each week!

  6. Glad Dixie is better, Katie!! and glad that you are having professionals do the rest of the floors...Thanks for hosting!!

  7. So happy again Dixie is doing better. You will love hardwood floors. I'm with you on the best installers being used. Would make me feel more comfortable.

    Your buffalo check pumpkin turned out great. Can't wait to see the floors.

    Very humid here in NJ too. It's been ridiculous. I'm so over summer this year. Sat outside once that's how bad it's been.


  8. Hi Katie, glad to hear Dixie is doing well and looks like your projects are coming right along..Keep cool and Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. Thanks for hosting! I am excited to see the changes with your floors!

  10. Thanks for hosting, Katie! I look forward to seeing your new floors!