Thursday, August 8, 2019

Buy It NOW At Dollar Tree

I'm not sure what is going on over at Dollar Tree but it seems that they have stepped up their game. 
It seems to me that they can give Michael's and Hobby Lobby a run for their money in the crafting/seasonal decorating game. 
Their fall stuff has it the stores. Go to Dollar Tree now!

I love, love this thankful sign.

I told you about our sweet pup in this post. She has recovered and we are very thankful. 
While she took it easy, I did the same which resulted in some YouTube binge watching. 
I do not watch regular T.V. anymore. In fact we have removed our T.V. from the living room and we gave it to our son. 
A television in a formal living has always gotten on my nerves. 
In each and every house, we've tried to hide it. 
Bill went to work one day when we lived in Lubbock. While he was gone, I reworked our breakfast bar, re-oriented the doors, and stuck the T.V. inside. 
We actually left it behind when we moved. That was kind of mean, now that I think about it. 
Anyway, we canceled most of our U-verse channels and we are saving $100.00 a month. 
It leaves plenty in the budget to spend at Dollar Tree. Haha. 

I spent about two days (after the chores were done) watching Dollar Tree YouTubers on my laptop. 
They make some unbelievable stuff out of Dollar Tree items. 
Not at everything at Dollar Tree is worth it though. My advice is to know when to splurge and when to save. 
Which leads me to this post. 
I'm going to show you some great things to find at DT. 

Their seasonal shapes are very worth it. 
A chip board sign from one of the other craft stores is going to cost more than a dollar even when it's on sale. 
This mason jar shape could be used "as is" or repainted. The glitter will sand right off. I'm not a fan of the glitter.

The red truck is a hot item this year. It too four trips but I finally found it. 
It also comes in blue. I picked up both with the intent of repainting one of them. 
The raffia bow and galvanized leaf will be removed. When I removed them from the blue truck, the paper pulled off. Some low heat with the hair dryer might be a better option for loosening up the glue before removal. 

They had some good looking silk flowers. 

These will be grouped together or added as filler.

This pick with the pumpkins came from the first store.
They were not at any of the other stores. 

They have faux bittersweet again this year. 

Olivia from Olivia's Romantic Home made some stuff out of the Buffalo Check tote bag and the baby blanket. 
She was a blogger before she began her YouTube Channel. 

I have no idea what I'm going to make out of these but I grabbed them when I saw them on trip number four. 

Some of their pumpkins are on point. 

They had some velveteen covered pumpkins. The two I picked up will probably be recovered in some sort of fabric. 
There were some smaller pumpkins that were not a good value. 
A bag of pumpkins and gourds from Michael's would be a better deal. 

The scarecrow is a cutie. It would be cute in a wreath or as a pick. 
The sign will be flipped over and remade. 

The galvanized script words are highly prized. 
I was very pleased to find these. 

A few other random signs came home with me. 

I didn't want to pass on them in case I find another inspirational YT video. 

Here are some final shopping tips:
Go to all the stores in your area. I have one that is usually better than the others but I checked them all. 
It took four trips to get this haul. 
Buy it when you see it. If you don't, it will be gone. 
Think outside the box. Think of how an item can be used in a wreath or repainted. 
Dollar Tree is great for crafters. 
Mix your finds with higher end items from other stores. 

That is it for now! 
Have a wonderful day. 
As Olivia would say, "Let's get crafting." 
I hope you enjoyed this post. 
If you did, Pin It, Share It and comment below. 


  1. Hi Katie! Oh, look at all of these cuties from the dollar store! I'll have to make a run and see if I can find some of those things. The flowers are really pretty too. Glad your little doggie is doing well. That's a cute snap on the sofa. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Katie, looks like there are some really cute things out there this year. I will check out my stores. We have a Dollar Tree and then one where all things are $1.29.
    They seem to have a little nicer selection than the Dollare Tree but you just never know..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. your on a roll, girl. you have so many fun ideas. LOVE the black apple shaped Farm Fresh sign!

  4. Wow Katie you got a lot of cool fall items at the dollar store. I love that thankful sign too.

  5. I seen those yesterday at my dollar tree and revisited I may have to go back

  6. Hi, Katie. I was at Dollar Tree earlier in the week and found some of the things you did! I bought the orange pumpkin that said, "Blessed & Grateful" with the silver leaf and raffia tie. When I brought it home, I outlined the while flocked letters with a fine, black paint pen that I had on hand, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! A fine point permanent marker would probably work just a well. Happy decorating. I feel a second trip to Dollar Tree coming on!

  7. Goodness I need to get to Dollar Tree. It's been a long time since I stopped.

    1. I stopped by & grabbed the metal words...three for $1! That is so fun. And I bought one roll of fall themed tulle. I decided I didn't need anything else as cute as it all is.

  8. Great post, Katie. You're right -- you have to check out several stores sometimes but overall you can get great supplies for such a good deal (and some not even supplies -- just cute!) Love all you showed. I'll head to one next weekend and see what's there!

  9. Great finds at Dollar Tree, Katie!! I have one close to me and I’ll stop by soon.