Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Holiday Cupboard

My friend, Debra over at Common Ground had a holiday cupboard. 
I gave the piece in the entryway the same name. 
For the time being it is filled with all my favorite fall decor.

When we moved the piano out to the garage, the empire chest got moved to the corner of the living room.
The piano is still in the garage. We have no idea what to do with it.
Our piano player moved to Seattle. He's just not home to play it and Bill really didn't want it anymore.

I love the chest in that corner.

I also moved my recliner out to the garden room so that I could escape all the flooring nonsense and sit in a construction free zone. It was all about maintaining my sanity. I was almost successful. :)
The recliner is still out there. Bill and I enjoy sitting in the garden room together in the evenings.

I needed a place for this cupboard because it no longer fit next to my recliner.
I put it in the entryway during the flooring situation and that is where it will stay for the time being.

It sits to right of the front door as soon as you walk in the house. 
Bill made this piece for me in 1987. We were living in our second house and I needed something for dish display. 
At the time, Welsh dish dressers were a common element in the magazines we were reading. He built it with the same proportions but ours was very simple and very country primitive. 
It was a lighter color that had turned orange so I painted it white about 7 years ago. 
Bill wondered if it was too simple a piece for our current decor style. 

Maybe a little but I'm sentimentally attached to it. 

It's a great place to display our fun seasonal goodies. 

That is all for now. 
Have a wonderful day. 
I'll be back tonight for Keep In Touch. 


  1. yep, you need a Holiday Cupboard!! Bill did a great job, so glad you kept it and are using it in the entry for seasonal goodies; it looks perfect there. I love your lunch/picnic tins on the top and sweet little birdcage. so fun with all the other vintage goodies. I spy a trunk under the cabinet. have we heard about that yet? I can't get over those amazing wood floors, they're gorgeous!! (thanks for the shout out friend!!

  2. I love your white hutch cabinet and I think the hall is a terrific place for it. I love walking in someone's home and seeing something that instantly tells me something of their personality. It's just charming.

  3. I can understand why you'd be attached to the cupboard that Bill made!! It looks perfect for your holiday decor. Isn't nice how we inspire each other?

  4. Your cupboard is so lovely, Katie! I love all of your wonderful goodies!
    I really love the name "Holiday Cupboard"...I'm thinking I might need one, too...