Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Keep In Touch #96

Welcome to Keep In Touch. 
Thank you for being patient with my forgetfulness. :) 
This week I shared:

Here is an update on my stairs. 
They dropped off the wood, but when Roberto got here on Friday morning, he had a good look at the product. 

The new stairnose color is perfect unfortunately it is the wrong size. 
It shouldn't have been a problem because they were ripping it all up and starting over. 
Roberto knew immediately what a terrible mess it would be. He started taking apart a step. Wood chips went flying everywhere because it is engineered hardwood. It looks like it's layers similar to particle board. Those little pieces and layers flew all over the place.  
He realized that the new stair nose had a bigger nose. 

It would stick out too far and couldn't tuck up under the existing bannister construction. 
In the photo below you can see the brown nose and how the white trim overhangs. The new stairnose won't fit under that lip. They would have to notch out each piece of white trim but it would not look good. These guys are not carpenters. They are flooring installers. 

We stood at the bottom of the stairs while they explained this to me. 
I started to cry. 
I apologized for crying and explained that they installed the flooring on the stairs the week after my mother died, and that all just came flooding back. 
Guillermo (the project manager) said he understood, he has lost his father. 

They put the one stair back together. 
They talked a lot to each other in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish but I do understand the word, loco and I was pleased that loco wasn't a part of their conversation.
 I told them that and they laughed. 
I picked out the board to go back on to that step they had taken apart and it looks good to me. 
We discussed options. 
We could refinish some of the lightest stair nose. 
We could order way more stairnose than we need from the existing company and I can then pick the best of the bunch to match my stairs. We are not pulling up anymore planks.
That was a nightmare. I will not let them do that. 
Guillermo asked me what would make me happy. I told him that if we can get some of the worst stairnose fixed, I would be happy and I would let it go. 
If we can get the public side of the stairs fixed I'll be content. 
I told Bill, that I have done all I can and I'm exhausted. He needs to jump in and take this for a while. I shouldn't, as the consumer, be helping them to figure out what to do. I was doing that because I have refinished just about everything. I am able to successfully match stains so I know it can be done. 
I'll let you know what happens. Bill is meeting our salesman and Guillermo here tomorrow.

Now for the features: 

That is all for now.

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  1. Oh Katie, how frustrating. I wish you good luck with this project. And yes, time to let Bill take the lead.

  2. I feel your pain with those stairs, Katie. so sorry this is a continuing ordeal. so much stress, glad your husband is handling this. Unfortunately, workmen tho nice, know it's time to make it right when they're dealing with the man. not PC, but unfortunately true. thanks for having us over, I always look forward to this party!

  3. Katie, Thank you so much for featuring my winter bedroom tour. I really appreciate it.

  4. Oh Katie, I could cry with you on your flooring issue. I know it'll get done, but it's so frustrating. Thank you for the party...xxoo

  5. Hi Katie. Better late than never, and I'm sure I've said that before and probably will again. Can't get my timing right. So sorry about the trouble you are having with your stairs. I would have done a little more than cry after all this time. But, they will look so good after it is all settled.,Stiff upper lip!..xxoJudy

  6. Katie,
    I hope you get the stair issue resolved soon because I can "hear" in your "voice" how frustrated, drained and spent you are with the situation and it has come at such an awful time in your life,dealing with your Mother's passing.....I pray that soon this will be over for you and you can catch your breath....Thanks so much for hosting in the middle of all this...It is greatly appreciated!!

  7. Oh, those stairs! Yes, seriously frustrating. I can only imagine. Hang in there, my friend. All shall be well. Eventually.

  8. You are absolutely right, Katie. You should not have to help them figure out what to do about the stairs. ALL of the stairnose should match and you shouldn't have to settle. I would be getting a supervisor involved...and I'm so sorry you're going through this.