Friday, March 20, 2020

The "Quarantree"

A couple of YouTubers that I follow put up Easter trees. 
I decided to do the same so introducing my "quarantree." 

I bought this egg truck last year and never used it. hmmm

I had a thought the other day, when I thought I was dying. I've been sick. I am self quarantining. 
I have only been out in my yard and to the doctor. 

This will be it's own post tomorrow.
"Remember when it was Christmas and my only worry was getting all the things?" 
Then I heard about people putting up their Christmas lights. 
Then I heard about Hallmark Channel having a Christmas movie marathon this weekend. 

So I decided to climb up into the attic and get my slim pine tree down. 

It needed fluffing and restringing so now I know that it is not the heat of summer that kills Christmas lights. 
It could be the process of shoving it into the attic -hmmmm.

Since I am a collector and a pack rat, there were plenty of decorations to chose from.
Some of these things I kept because they belonged to my kids. 

Some stuff was thrifted over the years. 

I had decor that hadn't been used in years but I liked it too much to give away. 

This duck toy was an antique store find last year. 

Raz Imports ornament. It was not packed away in the Christmas decor. 

My Lenox cross ornaments were left out too. I like them better at Easter anyway. 

What is super strange is that I made myself a Christmas drawer. 

In it I put ornament hangers, springy ornaments and the Easter ornaments mentioned above. 
I did not have any intention of creating an Easter tree when I left this stuff in the drawer. 

That is all for now. 
The weather has been so gloomy. We have had rain everyday which is so weird. 
This adds a bit of cheer to a troubled time. 
I'm not sure I love it in this corner but this is where I've been hanging out lately.  
I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what it's like to be sick during a Pandemic. Not fun. 
Be safe.


  1. Love love love this Katie. What a great sense of humor and fun you have during these hard days. It looks so awesome and pretty. You go girl with your creative soul.

  2. How absolutely precious!! So cheerful! I think I want one too!

  3. I'm so sorry you've been sick, Katie, and I hope it's not Covid but anything is unpleasant -- and you're right, especially during a pandemic. People get very afraid of you. They get afraid of me on a good day!

    I adore your tree and it looks like it was outstanding therapy for you. A great idea and I love the name!

  4. How cute!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I'm surprised you have the energy to be rummaging thru the attic. Rest and take care of yourself. Your Spring tree is adorable, I love that checked ribbon!!

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